The Impact of Seasonal Decoration on Sales

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Business decisions are not made on a whim. Most of the time, there’s data to back up each change, improvement, or addition in the business. The HR department may decide to hire more people if there’s proof that shows the company is not able to meet demands with the current number of employees. There might be changes in product manufacturing to minimize production costs and improve profit margins. Even when the company has to let go of an employee, there needs to be a good reason for it.

What about the decision to decorate the shop depending on the season? Is there a good reason or it too?


A business cannot exist separate from what’s going on around it. Let’s say it’s close to the holidays, but you’re not showing any indication that you’re aware of it. You’re losing on an opportunity to cater to customers who might be in a good mood because of the holiday cheer.

In Hernando County, commercial landscaping services even include seasonal color design and installation because service providers know that customers are in a spending mood during this time. They’re more likely to buy from establishments that share the same holiday cheer, which means showing your awareness of what’s happening around you is like being connected with your customers in a way you will never achieve if you ignore the holidays.


Retail shops make the most of seasonal changes to present their seasonal items. There’s a different need when it’s summer or spring compared to winter and fall. To cater to these changes, retail shops work on their inventory to showcase those reflecting the current season. It makes sense because no one will be interested in winter coats during summer.

What makes even more sense is that seasonal clothes can be sold at discounted prices just before the new product line can be introduced. As these clothes will be old news next winter, you’re cleverly selling them right now at a discount instead of holding on to them and not earning anything. Everything in business revolves around what customers want, and in most cases, the season dictates that.


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Awareness means you know what’s going on around you and you make informed decisions based on it. Consciousness takes this a step further by making a stand. For instance, companies these days are working on processes that minimize their carbon footprint. They make a stand to switch to sustainable business practices, especially during Earth Hour.

Many have already switched to recyclable packaging to be a good example to their customers. Patagonia, an outdoor clothing brand, even worked on a marketing campaign telling customers not to buy their jacket because of its production’s impact on the environment. Even fast fashion giant H&M claims to be aiming for sustainability, and this decision has impacted the way they package their brand and their stores.

Even shops that offer the same product throughout the year still consider the season when they’re designing their premises. It’s just a fact of business that to draw people inside their store, they work on becoming involved and excited about the season.

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