How Constant Breaks Improve Your Mental Capacity and Work Efficiency


Let’s face it: this generation is filled with workaholics and success-driven workers. This isn’t just the case locally but also internationally. However, such mindsets can easily break down even the most skilled or smartest employees and businessmen. If you intend to be at the peak of your performance, your mind will need to recover in between intense tasks. Here’s how regular breaks, no matter how short or long they are, can improve your work efficiency:

Replenish Your Mental Strength

It’s a fact that many executives wonder why they feel so tired after a whole day of just sitting down on a cushy chair in a well-lit and ventilated room while writing emails, chatting online, or having meetings. The thing is that your mind does most of the work during that time. Since it controls the rest of your body, you will feel the physical aftereffects of mental tiredness. Therefore, it’s medically recommended that you use company vacations for restful activities. Go on a Nauvoo tour or a spa visit to maximize your rest days. Also, do try to avoid bringing work with you on these days.

Unload Your Brain

In BBC’s Sherlock, the main character mentions that his brain is like a hard drive and can only contain so much information. The same principle can apply to you and your mental abilities. If your brain doesn’t unload information that’s no longer necessary for your next activities, you’ll be unable to fully focus on your upcoming tasks. Find time to celebrate after every major project you’ve completed. Sleep the whole day, treat yourself to an expensive meal, or hang out with friends before starting a new workload. Take your time. Pressuring your own brain to reboot is unproductive and ineffective.

Reenergize Creativity

bulb in the middle of crumpled colored papers

Most office, executive, or business positions require creativity and problem-solving skills to be successful. Unfortunately, so many hardworking individuals work themselves to the point of exhaustion, which reduces their brain’s capacity to conceptualize and create. Even artists will tell you how important time out is for them to be inspired. These small but productive breaks can come in the form of meditation sessions, reading, a walk in the park, or even staying silent for an hour. “Me time” is an essential factor to spark ideas, so take the time to complete these short but relaxing tasks to turn your mental engines off.

Working hard to reach the top is a requirement for success. However, finding the time to relax and rest your brain is vital to stay successful. It’s a shame that many individuals frown on resting during a heavy work day, but this kind of mindset can lead to burnout and breakdowns. The more active and energized your gray matter is, the fewer mistakes you’ll make, and the more ideas you can create. Just because your body doesn’t feel tired doesn’t mean that your mind is the same. Take those breaks seriously to reboot your mental systems, no matter how short or long these are, if you want to stay on top of your game.

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