Post-Pandemic Predictions: Why Digital Education Is Here to Stay

mother helping her child on her online class

Taking up courses online have always been accessible through the Internet. It had long existed even before the malevolent coronavirus took over our lives. Now, it has been over a year when the whole world shifted to digital. The whole work-from-home and online class culture were a bit troublesome at first. Yet over time, people have harnessed the situation and got used to it.

It is no secret that some people do experience a lot of difficulties with this kind of set-up. It could be because of personal and home problems. People have gotten used to traditional schooling. This is why the first year of the digital shift posed many concerns for students and parents alike. Not only that, the pandemic took a toll on everyone’s mental health. This was one of the primary issues brought about by distance learning. Another concern is that schooling doesn’t feel the same as a normal school year. There are no after-class hangouts and extracurricular activities. The pandemic took a lot of factors that students enjoyed from traditional learning. Unfortunately, these factors were also taken for granted.

But, enrolling in online courses is also beneficial for many reasons. Take away the context of the current pandemic and see. Some people might consider taking online classes on their own. The whole world is on the path towards technological development. This is why digital classes would possibly remain even after the pandemic subsides. Some people might opt to continue traditional learning. Some might be more comfortable continuing their courses online. While it is optional, nothing will rule out the fact that distance learning and work-from-home culture is here to stay.

Some may disagree with the way distance learning works. But come to think of it, it does give a lot of beneficial factors that traditional schooling does not provide. Sure, live teaching and discussions are much more preferable for some. But for the busiest bees, online classes could be the way to go. Here are some factors that would make online learning more ideal even after the pandemic subsides:

Schedule flexibility

Distance learning allows students to be freer with their schedules. It allows them to access their lessons whenever they want. The only catch is that they must still submit their requirements by the deadline. This arrangement allows students to work around and manage many responsibilities at home. This is also ideal for those who have side hustles—especially those who want to make extra income while still learning at school. Strict routines, schedules, and short breaks are not a problem with distance learning. Just remember to never take time management for granted!

girl on her online class

Accessibility and comfort

Students that need special need and care can enjoy education right at the safety of their spaces. Traditional schools do make an effort to accommodate students with special needs. But it would be a lot safer for them to study without external factors posing dangers. Most online courses also offer customizable programs. It can cater to the specific interests of their students. This would prove beneficial when students consider their career path in the future.

The accessibility of online courses could also provide students greater opportunities. They can even study at prestigious universities across other countries. You can even get yourself a degree at Harvard—free of charge!

Independence and safety

One good thing about flexible online classes is that it allows you to move at your own pace. There is less room for distractions. You will also learn how to become a lot more independent by learning your lessons. You will become less tardy and dependent on your peers. You will also develop a sense of self-discipline. You may have had a hard time catching up with fast-paced discussions back then. But with distance learning, you can access your course and review it back no matter how many times you want.

Furthermore, distance learning is also a platform that keeps negative influences at bay. There will be no more room for peer pressures and bullying. In a sense, online classes are like homeschooling, except that you can still have classmates with you. You won’t be completely isolated from the outside world. You are only shifting your education online.

Overall, distance learning does have a lot of pros and cons. But at the rate of changes that our world undergoes, having a foolproof method of online learning could be made possible. Education is one thing that should never be taken for granted. With the existence of distance learning, you can still get a degree even amidst your busy lifestyle. And that is why digital learning is here to stay.

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