Community Planning and Redesigning in a Nutshell


A little known fact about the Silicon Valley companies: rarely are their buildings used repeatedly and for a long time. Because of the ever-increasing rate of how technology boosts and improves most items, both hardware and software are getting more efficient, space-saving, and less energy-consuming. Office buildings in Silicon Valley are in constant rearranging and improving.

Professional design services are often employed to find optimal solutions to where and how certain hardware should be placed and sequenced. Flexibility in the design and efficiency in the office floor’s interior makings are made kings and queens of Silicon Valley companies.

Much like the buildings in Silicon Valley, our community spaces must also be established, developed, and be flexible. Generations are also ever-changing in today’s times. The needs and wants of different generations change all the more often. New societal perils are faced by our community members daily. Whether it be actual dangers or moral ones, we must be wary of the effects internal and external factors may impose on our community’s safe spaces. If you want to pursue a change in the world, you have to start with your own community.

Even with little to no money, you can redesign your local community. Here are some ideas you can kick off to suitably plan and/or redesign your community.

Community Planting

Kicking off with an environmentally inclined activity is a great way to start redesigning your community area. Asking community members to contribute time to plant different indigenous trees in undeveloped areas in your neighbourhood will bring the value of the surrounding land higher. Even if only done in a small area, tree planting activities can go a long way in battling climate change.

Trees help the fight against global warming by providing the much-needed carbon dioxide buffer in the air. Also, trees are a great sight to behold in any space. It is known that forests and other greeneries help in reducing the stress of residents near those areas. Most houses nearer forests have higher zonal values in cities because of this fact.

Starting a Local Garden

Transform an unscaled part of your community into a local garden. Repurpose some of the areas by encouraging your neighbours to plant their own vegetables in a community garden. You might not have a say in redirecting certain pathways and roads inside your community, but you can always encourage everyone to plant. Terraform a small and accessible piece of land by planting crops within them.

Aside from the crops, you can foster community bonding with this type of setup. Community gardens can bring about a stronger sense of community with each other. Because of the common elements you and your neighbours are taking care of, you feel the urge to look out for each other. If that is not community building, then what is?

people on a park

Flexible Play Area

Flexibility is key to adapting to the changing terrain of the community. Having a bare play area can be a great suggestion. Even just a cemented area where any event can be held will be a great addition to the community. A cemented area that children can use at any time for play or practicing their own interests is suitable for any community. A cemented area can also be used for certain occasions in the community.

For example, a neighbourhood bazaar where neighbours can sell their products for other people within the community can be a great opportunity for the neighbours to know each other’s interests and hobbies. The area can also be used as an area where a community bonding activity can be held. A plain platform is one of the most flexible structures you can build without damaging the area or being a great interference with any area plans. Community spaces are always handy.


If you are serious about effecting change, you can always lobby and revert your plans and redesign ideas to your local council. You are never powerless when it comes to your community. A persistent ask from your local council members can always make them budge. Other concrete structures like local pathways, roads, and bike lanes can be lobbied under the community council.

If your cause is good and true, it will merit a listen to. The local government can also be requested to impose stricter zoning laws concerning unwanted commercial and industrial buildings. Through this method, you can style a higher impact in your community.

Community planning and redesigning go hand in hand with community building. Protecting your community through developing areas everyone can cherish and enjoy is a great way to protect and preserve your community’s way of life. Much like the buildings in Silicon Valley, community spaces that are flexible and highly adaptable are the way to go.

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