Marketing Your Volunteer Programs: Knowing the Basics

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Nonprofits thrive through donations and grants from donors and philanthropists. However, they don’t just rely on the kindheartedness of these people. They also depend on the willingness and drive of volunteers. That said, it is one of the core activities of every nonprofit to recruit dedicated volunteers and make sure that there is a constant stream of helpers.

Some nonprofits and charities have been using classic disciple-making movements and strategies. These work undeniably, but you need to complement such actions with other techniques and modern tactics. More than attracting possible volunteers, you also need to come up with a plan that will retain the volunteers for a long time.

Sounds like a challenge, eh? It is, but keep in mind that this also gives you an opportunity to explore new methods that will work for your organization. If you are looking for some ways to recruit new members and market your volunteers’ program, here are some pointers that you need to take into account:

Build an easy-to-navigate website

You are obviously lagging behind if your charity or organization has no website. Having a website will make your organization look more professional. It will make it easy for your donors and volunteers to know more about you. When building a website, you can already incorporate a function that will allow volunteers to sign up. When it comes to this, you need to make sure that the process is streamlined and easy.

The content that you should be posting must focus on the benefits and advantages of being a volunteer; support such claims with high-resolution photographs. Don’t forget to optimize your website with the right SEO strategies.

Come up with a social media strategy

A website should be complemented with a good social media strategy. Social channels make great venues for sharing content with your community and potential volunteers. You may share multimedia, such as photos and videos, of your past events; this content will inspire future volunteers. You can also share the stories of fulfilment and accomplishment from long-time volunteers.

Through social media, you will also be able to educate the masses on your causes. You may even update donors on how their donations and grants have been utilized.

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Use email marketing

Email marketing allows you to follow through with your volunteers and even update your donors and patrons. When it comes to email marketing, you need to make sure that your subject lines and content are engaging yet direct to the point. If you can, customize the email messages to easily appeal to the emotions of the recipients. You may also take this as an opportunity to disseminate newsletters.

Turn to guest blogging

Extend your reach and build your reputation by collaborating with writers, thought leaders, and influencers. One foolproof way of doing so is through guest blogging. You may write an informative article on volunteerism on a third party website, preferably a website that is frequented by your target audience.

When writing an article, you may want to consider the language being used by your prospective volunteers. Do not forget to link your website at the end of the article. If you have an upcoming event, such as a fundraiser concert, you may invite them to take part in your gathering.

Growing and nurturing your charity can only be possible when you constantly bring in people who share the same mission and vision as yours. To attract more volunteers and people who can help you with your cause, you need to work passionately. Come up with innovative strategies that will also help you extend your reach and tap into new audience segments.

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