Live that Sci-fi Life: Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Automation

smart automation concept

Home automation has gone a long way from when it first started back in 1998, thanks to the Internet of things (IoT). It’s a network of several devices connected to the Internet. And this connection allows these devices to interact with each other.

With IoT, people can automate their homes or easily control things inside them remotely. These things include thermostats and lights; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); kitchen appliances; security devices; and so much more.

But smart home devices come with hefty price tags. They are way more expensive than their normal counterparts. Despite their price, smart home technology is worth investing in if you’re interested in future-proofing your home.

Control Everything on the Palm of Your Hands

The convenience that smart home technology offers is already one reason to fill your house with it. Let’s look at a few examples.

Say you feel a little cold, but you’re too sleepy to get up and adjust the thermostat. If you have smart thermostats installed in your home, you don’t even need to get off the bed. You just need to grab your phone and change the settings. You can also control the brightness and temperature of your smart lights to suit your needs and avoid straining your eyes.

Or if you’re out all day doing errands, with smart devices, you can check on your home through your smartphone. And if it’s dark out, you can open the lights inside and outside your house on your way home with just a few clicks on your phone.

Improve Your Home Security

Property crimes, such as burglary and theft, are decreasing in the past few years. But these crimes still exist, so it’s never a bad idea to add more security to your home. Besides, it’s the one place where you should feel safe all the time. Smart technology can help you achieve whatever level of security you need.

The most common device we use to heighten our home security is the surveillance camera. And it can be connected to other smart devices such as motion sensors and smart locks.

You’ll get a notification if your security cameras and motion sensors detect movement around your house. If you have a visitor, you can easily let them in using your door lock control. Or if you detect something suspicious around the house, then you can take proper action by securing your doors using your smart locks or even closing your window blinds.

As mentioned earlier, smart home devices are not cheap. But the added protection they can provide may just be worth refinancing the loan to have everything that you need to be installed.

Enables Energy Management

Another benefit of smart home technology is energy efficiency. One study found that in smart buildings, energy savings on HVAC, smart plugs, and lights can reach up to 50%. In the home setting, energy savings due to smart technology can significantly reduce your utility bills in the long run.

You can turn off your smart devices remotely if you forgot to do it before leaving your house. You can also control ordinary home devices plugged into a smart outlet simply by powering off the outlet itself.

Smart outlets also allow you to track the power usage of your appliances. This way, you will know which ones use more energy so that you can make adjustments and save a little money on your next electric bill.

Provides Help in Case of Emergency

emergency concept

Thanks to IoT, your smart home can assist with your health care. For example, in case of a medical emergency, wearable devices such as your smartwatch connected to your network can transmit messages to inform your emergency contacts. It is also possible to enable sound alarms to alert other people so that you can get immediate help.

Smart smoke detectors can also provide better assistance than their ordinary counterpart. They do everything that a normal smoke detector can with some added perks. It can inform you what the exact problem is and the source of smoke for better emergency response.

The smart home devices available to us today make many things possible. They help people tighten their home security, save energy and money, and provide support in case of emergency. If all these things are possible now, imagine how much better this technology can get in the next few years.

All things considered, home automation makes life so much easier. And that’s why smart home technology is a worthy investment right now and even more in the future.

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