Keeping Your Competitive Edge in Today’s Market

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Sometimes, we tend to be complacent because we have been in the same company for ten years. We are doing the same work and receiving the same compliments from our bosses. But times have changed, and there is no assurance in an ever-changing world that now uses automation and mobility to cut expenses and strengthen the brand. If you want to retain your position, you should never stop learning. You have to be a benefit to your company.

Develop Your Skills

So, you’re a fast typer. You can type more than 50 words per minute. That’s above average, and your boss loves you for it. But do you know that Millennials and Generation Z can type an average of 80 words per minute? The adage that there is always room for growth is correct. You can continue developing your skills even if you have above-average levels already.

Did you say that you have nothing more to learn? Maybe you are not looking enough. While confidence is always welcome, too much of it can hurt your competitiveness. There is no such person who knows too much. Even billionaires and geniuses such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many others continue to seek learning. It is a testament to your commitment to developing yourself.

Invest in Yourself

Most of the ways designed to develop your skills will also require a small degree of money, time, and resources. If you are not willing to invest your time and money, you stand to lose. There are many SSG supported courses that you can take. You can even apply for a grant or loan so you can afford these courses. The skills you will gain from these courses will bring you to another level, employment-wise.

Stop waiting for your employer to invest in you. While that would be nice, it is not necessary to wait for someone else. Show them that you are willing to invest in yourself. If you want to learn about graphics and web design, enroll in a course. Show your employers that you are committed to making yourself competitive. Once they see you investing in your knowledge, it is easier for them to want to invest in you, too.

Join a Professional or Industry-led Association

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People don’t think much about joining professional associations. Some think it’s a waste of time, attending events, parties, and conferences. Others see it as an additional expense—membership fees—they don’t need in their lives. But joining these associations give you access to a wealth of wisdom, information, and experience.

You can create amazing business relationships with like-minded individuals and grow as an individual. Opportunities will open up for you. Aside from networking, these professionals will also give you access to information, seminars, training, and workshops.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you a web designer or perhaps, an accountant? You spend most of your days inside the office and in front of your computer. When was the last time you talked with your colleagues? Take a step out of your comfort zone. Either spend time with your colleagues in a social setting, go out for drinks with your friends, or volunteer in a local community association.

Aside from the fact that this is also a great networking opportunity, volunteering your time to worthy causes will be valuable for your growth. You can learn a lot from the people you meet. Sharing stories about work and family will open up your eyes to the reality. You can bring these lessons to work.

Take More Leadership Responsibilities

Always look for work that will put you in a leadership position. If your boss is looking for someone to organize a company event, volunteer yourself. Taking more responsibilities at work doesn’t just show your boss you’re ready for more challenges, but it also allows you to practice your skills.

What are the skills you need to organize an event? You have to manage your time, negotiate with suppliers, collaborate with other departments, and communicate with the rest of the team. These responsibilities will hone your leadership skills. Handling difficult tasks at work will also give your professional reputation a boost.

Challenge yourself always. Compete with what you were able to do yesterday. Your best supporter is yourself, but your worst enemy is yourself, too. By supporting your own goals and committing to reaching them, you empower yourself to be its best version.

Find something that inspires you. You’ll find that when you are inspired, you are a better person. And by being a better person, you will also become a better professional who can compete with the best in the workforce.

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