Digital Marketing Trends for Businesses

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There is always a massive spike of interest in digital marketing trends for businesses year after year. This is because the digital era has provided fantastic innovations that help marketers identify new opportunities that can help companies to grow and tap into new markets.

This 2021, the top digital marketing trends are expected to be more innovative and beneficial to marketers and business owners. It is because with businesses migrating to the digital landscape, these trends are more critical than ever.

Here are the top digital marketing trends that businesses should look out for and use to their own advantage.

Genuine Human to Human Connection

Even though most transactions these days are being done online, having real human connections is still a must not only for businesses but also for individuals. According to a report by Deloitte entitled 2021 Global Marketing Trends, customers seek authentic human-to-human interaction even if they are purchasing online. The report stressed that customers leave companies that do not provide genuine human interaction through their websites and social media sites.

This is true to all types of businesses operating online. Even websites offering home loans are expected to provide fundamental human interactions to people who send inquiries through their websites or chat applications regarding house loan applications, buying homes, and any other concerns related to real estate. According to the survey, around 70% of respondents said that they appreciate businesses that offer genuine relationships with their customers even if the transactions are done primarily online.


More people are now aware of the environment’s decreasing condition. Most are now trying to go green to help save Mother Earth. In response to the customers’ growing demands for more sustainable brands, businesses have adapted ways to offer more environment-friendly products and services. Survey shows that approximately 81% of customers feel that companies and big corporations should somehow give back to the environment and find ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Personalized Service

This is a significant trend in digital marketing. In today’s digital age, businesses that target individuals are said to be earning more than those who target customers by groups. Individual targeting has shown a considerable spike in leads, conversions, and sales. By targeting customers based on their individual needs, companies can serve their needs better. Customized emails, tailored services, and personalized product offerings are gaining more popularity as more customers want to be given a service or a product that is custom-made specifically for their needs.


Video Marketing

This digital trend continues to rise in popularity as more people turn to videos for their daily entertainment. According to a study, mobile video consumption is increasing year after year by 100%. The same study showed that 55% of those who watch videos watch daily while 78% watch every week. Additionally, 99% of marketers are using this mode of digital marketing to build their brand and grow their businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

People can land on pages that provide them the answers to their questions through the search queries they make on search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO helps them find what they are looking for. Many marketers use this process to build brand awareness, retain customers, drive conversions, and remain relevant to their targeted markets.

SEO is a process that helps websites become visible in searches. The more marketers use SEO, the more they will likely gain traffic and become visible to more customers. SEO allows businesses to become attractive to consumers. The fact that millions of people worldwide conduct searches online before making a purchase makes this digital marketing trend a must for all marketers looking to grow and expand their brands.

Featured Snippets

A type of SEO marketing trend, featured snippets are used more by businesses who have money to spend for advertising instead of relying on organic traffic. Also known as “no-click search,” this digital marketing trend allows customers to understand a particular business without clicking a link. Most of the crucial information about the company is already given in the snippet. Snippets include tables, lists, definitions, and much other important information that may already answer a customer’s questions.

No matter what type of digital marketing trend you use for your business, you need to understand that you would need to spend much effort on those tactics before they can work to your advantage. Some of these trends may also require an ample amount of time. As they can be time-consuming, many marketers hire digital marketing professionals to do the hard work for them so that they can focus on the more critical aspects of the business.

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