Dangerous Jobs: High Risk, High Reward

truck driver

Everyone wants a high-paying career, but the flip side is that these types of jobs often come with high risks. Of course, some people value work that appeals to their adrenaline-seeking instincts. High-risk jobs with high rewards are often a joy and a career path they cherish for these people.

Unfortunately, while some jobs are about personal risk due to the nature of the work, other jobs carry risk simply because of how other people feel about them. These jobs don’t always come with a high reward, either. Working in government or as a teacher can put one in danger unexpectedly. This is why many local government bodies, schools, and large corporations encourage their employees to participate in active shooter response training programs. It is for their safety as much as for the people around them. You can know with a great deal of certainty that if the idea of having to undergo such training makes you uneasy and queasy that a high-risk job is definitely not for you.

Some people balk at the very idea of such training and cannot even imagine the horror of the real situation. These people are motivated to try high-risk jobs because they can think about the high pay. Yet, just as a specific type of person is drawn to the long hours and high effort of being a teacher in today’s world, it takes a certain type of fearless and capable individual to take on a job that might put their lives at risk. Carry out as much research as you can and take the opportunity to indulge in a few high activity sports to find out if you have the stomach for a high-risk career.

Truck Driver

Driving a truck sounds simple, and many people are unaware that it is a significantly dangerous job. You need specialized training to drive long-haul large trucks and have licenses that qualify you for different types of rigs.

The drivers are not simply there to get from one point to another either. They are trained to maintain their trucks, inspect the vehicle, monitor fuel levels, and receive special training in proper loading and unloading skills.

Unfortunately, despite regulations, these drivers are expected to work long hours. They can be on the road for several hours a week and develop a deep understanding of their bodies and needs. If they do not have the necessary discipline, they can easily put themselves and several others in danger by falling asleep on the road.

Construction Manager

This is again a job that many people do not realize is high-risk and high reward. Construction managers are why construction sites are safe areas for the numerous workers on-site and cause as little disruption as possible to the people passing by the area. They have a job with numerous details to keep balanced, and only highly organized people can be effective in this field.

Construction managers have to deal with suppliers, government permits, police, different types of vendors, all while managing the worksite. They have to have a grounding in all the heavy machinery and an awareness of the tool usage on worksites to enforce safety protocols to keep the workers safe. The construction managers’ attention to detail and insistence on protective gear will often cause sweaty and tired workers to allow guidelines that keep them safe from hazardous situations and materials.

construction manager

Professional Climber

Professional climbers can come in two categories. They are either tree trimmers, or they are pole climbers. While both are high-paying jobs, pole climbers make a significantly higher amount than tree trimmers.

Tree trimmers climb trees in residential or commercial areas and assess them for the health and safety of passers-by. They will then cut dead branches safely and prune the tree to ensure its wellness. They have to have specialized training as an arborist and the use of sharp tools and protective gear.

Pole climbers are trained technicians who have a demonstrable lack of fear for heights. They have to re-certify and prove their fitness for the job frequently simply because of the high safety clearances the job requires.   You have to have an appreciation and ability to take in much varied technical training and learn as much as you can about safety gear and harnesses. The training will also be easier for someone who works out regularly as there is a lot of focus on upper body strength and leg strength as you must heavily rely on using your own weight to make the equipment as effective as possible.


The field of high-risk jobs is varied, but they all have in common that the type of person who seeks them out is meticulous. You cannot simply be a thrill seeker. It would be best if you enjoyed being able to repeat a task perfectly each time. Impatience has no place in a high-risk situation where your life and other people’s well-being rely on your attention to detail. If this sounds like you, it might be time to explore a high-risk job.

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