5 Safety Tips Every Jogger Should Know

man jogging at the hill

To say that jogging and running is a popular fitness activity is an understatement, in the US alone, there are around 60 million people who participate in jogging and running, while 110 million more practice walking for fitness. Although jogging is indeed a common and beneficial activity that people of all ages can undertake, it is not without its risks and hazards. As such, we’ll be taking a look at both safety tips and hazards every jogger should know and look out for:

Don’t Run Alone

There’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t run alone: (1) running with a partner or a group makes jogs less boring, (2) running with other people can motivate you to keep up with their pace or help others keep up with your pace, (3) any attackers are more likely to target lone joggers/runners so being in a group or at least a partner keeps you safe, and (4) if you ever get injured during your run, there’d be someone who can help you out. People who prefer running alone and don’t like chitchat can compromise by running with a big dog (such as a German shepherd). If it can’t be avoided, at least make sure that you jog somewhere that has good lighting and visibility (especially at night) and has a lot of people such as a park or your nearby sports complex where other people are also exercising.

Location, Location, Location

As mentioned above, location plays a huge role when it comes to jogger’s safety. It’s best to choose a route that’s populated, well-lit has traffic cameras, and isn’t known to have a high crime rate. It’s very self-explanatory, but some people like to change things up and alter their jogging routes to “explore” and have a sense of adventure, but it’s a lot safer to stick to routes that you already know or at least have researched beforehand.

Leave Your Earphones and Headphones

You may have gotten used to blasting music to keep you pumped up and pre-occupied when running on a gym’s treadmill, but you get used to jogging without any music. You’re less likely to hear an attacker, or someone shouting to warn you, or an incoming vehicle if you have music blasting in your ears. If you have to run with music, it’s best to use one earpiece so that you’re still aware of your surroundings.

Traffic Safety

It’s not uncommon for joggers to be injured in a vehicular accident while doing their daily routine, especially at night. As such, you’d want to run against the traffic to see any incoming vehicles. If it can be avoided, choose someplace where there aren’t any vehicles at all (such as around the park or the sports stadium). Lastly, you should be wary of stop signs and traffic lights. However, if you ever do get hit by a car while jogging, make sure that you try to remember as much information on the vehicle so you can provide the information to the authorities and your car accident lawyer in Utah in order for them to assist you properly with identifying the vehicle and help you claim your insurance for medical costs as well as compensation.

Run With Reflective Gear and Pepper Spray

woman jogging early in the morning

When you’re running at night, it’s best to wear something light-colored or with reflective gear to be more visible to oncoming vehicles. Don’t wear black clothing or an ensemble that reduces your visibility. It’s also a good idea to have pepper spray in-hand as an extra precaution against potential muggers and attackers.


Jogging can indeed be an enjoyable activity with a lot of health benefits, but all that fun and health perks would go to waste if you end up getting injured or worse. So make sure to keep these safety tips in mind before you put your running shoes on.

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