Youth Power: Encouraging the Youth to Volunteer


What hobbies have you picked up during the course of this pandemic?

Since the start of this global health crisis, we have been forced to stay home due to quarantine safety protocols. Given that we can barely go out except for essentials, many of us feel anxious and bored in our homes. The youth has resorted to new hobbies during this pandemic, such as baking, dancing, and gardening. For some, there may still be a growing need for something new.

What can you suggest the youth do during this time?

You can encourage the youth to safely contribute to their local community. There are ways to do volunteer work despite the situation. This can be in the form of virtual means or even in-person volunteerism while observing safety protocols.

Volunteerism has many advantages that the youth and the community can benefit from. How can you encourage the youth to willingly volunteer in their community?

Encouraging the Youth

Volunteerism can benefit both the volunteering individual as well as the receiving community. Apart from being role models for the youth, how can you encourage them to volunteer to their local community?

When doing volunteer work, it is good to go all-out with your efforts. There is no need to be afraid of certain factors because everything will be fulfilling in the end. In case of emergency cases, though, there is still no need to panic. As you do volunteer work, personal injury may not be avoidable at times. You can opt for a personal injury attorney to help you out with your case. Knowing this may give prospective volunteers more confidence in offering their services and skills.

As with any venture, you could share your cause’s story behind doing volunteer work for a specific community. Doing so may create a certain connection between your cause and prospective volunteers. A good story could entice anyone interested in supporting the same cause as you.

In encouraging the youth, emphasize the power they hold in creating a lasting positive impact on the local community. You can do this by creating videos of other youth who have successfully helped out in the same community. Showing videos is a good medium to communicate to the youth because it is considered an attractive medium for youth.

Since the youth values peer approval, you can also get young “influencers” to help you get the youth to join your cause. Ask these influencers to share how volunteer work has benefited them and what their experience meant to them.

There may still be other ways you could explore so that you could successfully get the youth to volunteer. When talking to the youth and encouraging them to join your cause, it is important to try to speak their language. Doing so will allow you to connect with the younger generation familiarly.

Benefits of Volunteerism

community people

As you try to encourage the youth to join you in your cause, you could also emphasize the benefits they could reap in doing volunteer work. What are these benefits?

Aside from improving the local community, doing volunteer work can benefit the individual volunteer as well. Volunteerism can promote having empathy and creating good choices that will be good for the community.

Since volunteer work involves helping out others in need, this increases the volunteer’s self-esteem and confidence. Being able to use their skills and knowledge can help build their confidence in their abilities.

Volunteer work can also increase an individual’s sense of responsibility. Even the youth who volunteer are given big tasks to accomplish during volunteer work, so they could get a sense that they are contributing greatly to the cause. Seeing the positive impact of their contribution can boost their confidence and help them realize the value of being responsible.

Youth volunteers can also gain new social skills by interacting with various people. Being exposed to different characters and personalities will help the youth learn how to deal with them, and these interpersonal skills will aid them in their future collaborations.

Being a volunteer has many benefits both to the volunteering individual and to the concerned community. It is always a good idea to get the youth to join your cause to allow them to expand their horizons as they grow into mature individuals.

There are ways to keep volunteer work safe despite this pandemic. Make use of technology to help you with exploring possibilities for your cause. Transform your cause into something relatable to the youth so that you can attract more volunteers even during the pandemic.

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