10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go BYOD

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The “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” trend has taken the world by storm. Many companies are switching to BYOD in order to combat security risks and increase employee productivity, but what is BYOD? What are some of its benefits? This article will answer all these questions for you.

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1. Employees can use their own devices to scan into the office

Though many companies still use key cards or door codes to let people into the office, entering a company with a BYOD policy will make employees feel much more at home. Not only can they enter using their own devices, but they can also be productive from the moment they step foot through the door since most employees have their smartphones and tablets on hand.

2. No need for a company-issued device

Having a device issued to you by your company can feel like a burden. It’s often bulky, outdated, and difficult to use. Employees would rather use their own devices instead of having to worry about bringing in the right laptop or phone each day. Not only that, but BYOD means employees will be more productive since they’re using a device they’re most comfortable with.

3. Many companies offer incentives

Businesses that have a BYOD policy often let employees recharge their devices or pay for some of their bills, such as data and internet charges. Not only is this good for the employee, but it also improves company productivity since employees will be more likely to work if they don’t have to worry about their devices dying or running out of data.

4. BYOD increases security

Employees often use their own devices at home and on the go, and they’re not always as secure as a business device should be. However, companies that accept BYOD can ensure that employees know how to properly protect any personal information they may have on their devices. Mobile device management services can help you to track and control the use of BYOD in your business while employee training on internet security can help lower your risk of having important information stolen.

5. Switching to BYOD will save you money

Though it would be beneficial for some employees to have a company-issued device, most employees are more productive with the devices that they’re already comfortable with—which is why many companies switch to BYOD. Not only can employees use their own devices, but they can also pay for some of the costs involved with using their devices at work.

6. BYOD makes employees happier

When companies switch to BYOD, morale tends to increase because employees enjoy being able to bring in their own devices, which have become a huge part of their lives outside and inside the office. Not only that, but BYOD policies are becoming more widely accepted by businesses.

7. BYOD policies help companies stay competitive by allowing them access to cutting-edge technologies before competitors do

Most employees want to be on the cutting-edge of technology, which means they need to have access to the latest devices. However, if your company doesn’t use BYOD, you may lose out on the best talent since top candidates may either go to a competitor that accepts BYOD or will bring their own device no matter what.

8. Allows employees to take advantage of their existing knowledge about what works best for them when it comes to technology

BYOD can be a little tricky at first since there are so many devices and different platforms to work with. However, employees who know their own technology best will be able to explain the ins and outs of their devices to you and make it easy for them to switch from personal to business use.

9. Can allow employees to work anytime, anywhere

BYOD allows employees to work anytime and anywhere, providing them with more flexibility than traditional company-issued devices. Instead of spending time at their desks during breaks and after hours, employees can work from home or while they’re on the go. And if you offer incentives for working outside of normal business hours, then your employees will be more likely to do so.

10. Employees may find it easier to transition from personal to business use if they’re using the same device for both

It’s not always easy or convenient to switch between two devices, which is why many employees would rather use their own devices at work. Businesses that allow this will make it easier for employees to juggle their work and home life efficiently.

BYOD policies are becoming more and more popular in the business world as they offer a variety of benefits to both employees and companies alike. Employees enjoy being able to use their own devices, which they’re already comfortable with, and companies can save money by not having to issue company-owned devices. BYOD also allows employees to work anytime and anywhere, making them more productive overall. If you’re thinking of implementing a BYOD policy in your workplace, be sure to consider all of the pros and cons involved first.

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