Why You Should Invest in a Porta Potty Business

One can make an active and passive income in the porta potty rental business. With a moderately low investment, owners can see a pretty profit when they have an organized company plan.

Location, Location, Location

The business can be advertised at little to no cost using social media and word of mouth. Be aware of when local events, fairs, outdoor weddings, construction sites, and events with large attendance are going to happen.

Video Source

Often, the hosts don’t want to invest in a bathroom and rent porta potties instead.

Start-Up Costs

New porta potties cost around $300 and don’t forget to factor in insurance, paid ads, and a truck to haul the units. On average, buying 50 potties and insuring them costs $50,000 or less.

Potential Profits

Depending on the pricing scale, most potties rent for $80 on weekdays and $120/day on weekends. Weekly and monthly rates generally run under $300, but they are passive profit. Just renting out 10 potties can make around $17,000 monthly.

Set Goals

The key to success is setting goals and offering professional service. Deliver units on time, and sell the services locally to ease delivery, pickup, and any septic cleaning for long-term rentals. Always work on networking and promote quality as a company motto.

With a minimal investment, one can get started earning profits in almost no time with the right approach. Just keep networking going and have a good team in place.


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