What is a Bricklayer Card?

The bricklaying domain is usually plagued with accidents, and to uphold safety protocols, a bricklayer must possess a bricklayer card, as discussed in the video. Moreover, this card ensures that both proficiency and adherence are maintained throughout their entire profession.

Why Is A Bricklayer Card Relevant?

Typically, bricklaying jobs are often understated because they don’t need much skills. But in reality, these jobs require specific skills. As a result, certain regulations must be imposed to push away unqualified persons.

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So, a bricklayer card becomes relevant because it is used to verify the skills and knowledge the cardholder possesses. These skills can range anywhere from mastering various brick-laying techniques to understanding the safety regulations.

How To Get A Bricklayer Cscs Card?

To get your bricklayer’s CSCS card, there are certain processes you must follow. First, you must complete the relevant qualifications. It can either be a bricklaying apprenticeship or a construction-related course.

Secondly, you must pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment exam. To do this, you must take the online test from the CITB Health, Safety and Environment official website.

Lastly, apply for the CSCS card. Fill in accurate details and wait for approval of your application process. If successful, you’ll be issued with your card within 3-5 working days, valid for 5 years. So, get your CSCS bricklayer card today.


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