6 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Business Premises Secure

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According to Pew Research Center, property crime in the United States is more common than violent crimes. In a 2019 FBI report, there has been a total of 2,109.9 property crime incidents reported as compared to 379.4 violent crimes in every 100,000 individuals.

Among the most common property crimes are theft and burglary. In some cases, property crimes can be accompanied by violent crimes including aggravated assault, rape, or even manslaughter.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, the fact that property crime along with the possible violent crime incidents that could accompany it is alarming. Regardless of how big or small, being a victim of a property crime is bad for your business. Aside from the loss, you are to bear, it significantly disrupts operation. Not to mention, it causes emotional distress to everyone.

With that in mind, these are some of the measures you should take to make sure your business premises are secured.

1. Conduct a Risk Assessment

First things first. Conducting a risk assessment should be the first thing on the table if you want to ensure your business premises are kept secure.

All businesses face different kinds of risks. Being a business owner, you should be proactive in doing your part in protecting your business. Aside from the financial, marketing, and manufacturing aspects of your business, never put security in the hindsight.

Before you become a victim of a property crime, take measures to minimize if not totally eradicate the risks. Learn where the most vulnerable parts of your business are. Conduct a thorough assessment.

2. Keep Access Restricted

Once you have figured out the most vulnerable areas of your business security-wise, it becomes easier to plan what to do next. One of the things you need to consider afterward is restricting access to areas of your business office that contain sensitive and vital information.

The simplest thing you can do to make sure only authorized personnel can enter such areas is to put up signs on doors. The mere fact that there is signage placed upfront is a significant deterrent. One cannot simply just claim that he/she got lost.

The presence of a receptionist, a security guard, or a mere CCTV, is huge helps too in restricting access.

3. Invest in ID Cards

If your company can afford an ID card system, it is actually a worthwhile investment. But you have to make sure that your ID cards are sophisticated enough, making it difficult for individuals with criminal minds to replicate them.

Entry chips in your ID cards allow you to monitor who is going in and out of the areas in your business office. Although it does not give assurance that any of your employee’s cards will not get stolen or lost, at least if someone uses that stolen or lost card, you would know.

4. Follow Clear Security Procedures

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In an office environment, visitor access should be thoroughly controlled. You can simply do this by following a sign-in process. Visitors will be asked to surrender their IDs before being allowed inside the premises. Employees should be encouraged to wear identification at all times.

Individuals who have access to keys to the business premises should also be monitored. There should be a proper assignment as to who is responsible for locking up every after shift.

5. Secure Areas Around the Premises

Securing the office perimeter is also necessary. This includes making sure the windows and doors are properly closed and locked at the end of the day, security personnel conducting a regular inspection at intervals, and putting up fences or hedges to deter burglars.

It is highly beneficial too if your company keeps some of the areas outside well-lit during night time when the office is closed. Though it does not completely eradicate criminal activities, it makes burglars less likely to break into your office.

6. Invest in a Security System

Do not be left behind. These days, security systems and monitored alarms are for everyone. Commercial security system companies can provide the services you need to keep your business premises secure.

The major selling point of having a security system in place is that you and local police will immediately be notified if someone breaks into your premises. With a security system in place, you are given peace of mind that even during non-office hours your company premises are given enough attention.

Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods. Being a business owner means staying ahead and thinking clearly when putting up security measures. Hopefully, these suggestions will give you more idea how to keep your business premises secured.

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