Throwing a Backyard Party? Here’s How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Backyard Party

Summer is the best time to bring out your tables and chairs and throw a fun party for your kids or your friends. Some things, however, can easily ruin a backyard party, like mosquitoes.

If your backyard gets invaded by these pesky insects now and then, try taking the following steps to ensure that your party will go off without a hitch.

Light it up

Before you administer some preventive measures, make sure that your backyard is in pristine condition to make it more appealing. One way you can do this is by hiring a commercial lawn care company or a private lawn maintenance specialist to make your backyard really look beautiful.

After that, you can start taking steps to keep mosquitoes from ruining your party. One nifty and inexpensive trick is to put some candles all over your yard. Citronella candles, in particular, are effective in repelling mosquitoes and other bugs away.

The oil in citronella masks the scents that usually attract mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes like the scent of carbon dioxide and the lactic acid that humans give off. Citronella is capable of blocking those scents. So, in effect, mosquitoes can’t get a whiff of the scents they’re looking for. In turn, they won’t come near your backyard.

Eliminate standing water

Mosquitoes like to live near standing water. If you have a birdbath or a water fixture in your backyard where the water doesn’t move, you’ll likely find larvae of mosquitoes there.

Get rid of those water fixtures or at least get one that has running water. As for the birdbath, if you really like having birds in your backyard, make sure that you clean it regularly. You can use a mosquito dunk for the birdbath to kill any larvae there. You don’t have to worry about mosquito dunks killing birds because they’re non-lethal to animals.

Trim your yard

Mosquitoes like tall grass because it provides them a lot of shade. So, don’t let the grass in your backyard grow too tall. Cut them down right away with your lawnmower.

Also, check underneath the tree branches if there are mosquitoes flying about because these places are favorable spots for mosquitoes to thrive because of the shade.

Put some electric fans outside

There are two reasons putting electric fans in your backyard is effective in repelling mosquitoes:

  • The strong breeze makes it difficult for them to land on you
  • The fans blow away the scents that attract mosquitoes

Get some large fans (industrial-sized fans will be perfect), and place them in your backyard. You’ll see that none of your guests will complain about getting a mosquito bite throughout your party.

Use mosquito repellent

putting osquito repellent

Finally, the best course of action to keep mosquitoes from biting you and your guests is to simply put on mosquito repellent on your skin. This is effective in driving away these pesky insects from your body. Before you host your party, purchase lots of mosquito repellent and ask your guests to use them while they’re in your backyard.

Hosting a backyard party is fun. As long as you know how to keep mosquitoes at bay, all your guests will enjoy your party well into the night.

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