Last Hurrah: Things to Do in Your Senior Year of High School

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Ah, high school life—for many people, this period of their lives was one of carefree fun and spontaneity, a period they would love to relive. For others, high school was a time they would much rather not remember. But whatever your thoughts are regarding high school life, you cannot deny that entering your senior year means you are on the cusp of adulthood, toeing the line between a comfort zone and a new change coming up.

The last year of high school may be bittersweet for some as they begin planning their next steps before they leave the halls and classrooms they’ve become so familiar with over the past years. Not to mention knowing that they will have to bid farewell to friends and teachers who have been with them in a few months through their high school journey. As much as some people would like for time to stand still, that isn’t possible. And to meet the upcoming life changes head-on, it would be practical for seniors to start planning things. Read on for advice on how you (or someone you know) can make the best of your senior year of high school.

Seize the Day

Senior year is the last year you get to spend time with the people you’ve gotten to know over the past years. Sure, you can always have reunions in the future. But the older you grow, the more you realize that scheduling a time where everyone is free is near impossible. So make sure to take as many pictures and videos as you can of your high school life. Your future self will be very grateful to you for preserving high school memories in color.

What are some of the best ways for your to make memories in your senior year? Consider the following activities you can do with your friends:

  • Plan a road trip or beach trip or barbecue on the weekend and spend the day just relaxing and chilling with your friends.
  • Go to a school event you usually wouldn’t go to just for the fun of it.
  • Try something you never tried before (volunteer for a leadership role, participate in the school talent show, try out for the debate club, strike up a conversation with someone you’ve long wanted to be friends with)
  • Buy that yearbook—and have all the people you know write something in it for posterity’s sake.

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Planning Ahead

One of the main things a high school senior will have to tackle during this last year in high school is what they’ll be doing in the future. Will you be applying to colleges or jobs? Do you have the finances to take a gap year to travel and explore other options? If college is in your immediate plans, research how to apply for colleges and make a schedule to ensure you miss none of the important things dates in your college application process. Check out a sample calendar for college planning or make one of your own, incorporating other important school dates in it.

Suppose you plan on doing other things such as a full-time job or taking a gap year. Consider planning these things ahead of time while you’re still in your senior year to ensure that everything goes smoothly the moment you graduate.

Leveling Up

Leaving high school is also a time for you to level up and improve yourself, even if you aren’t leaving home quite yet. If you’ve gotten your license, learn basic car maintenance skills like changing a tire. If you’ve started a part-time job while still in school, then now would be a perfect time for you to begin practicing the art of budgeting.

Take this time also to learn other life skills such as learning to cook or unclogging a toilet. Seize the chance to also push yourself academically during your last year of high school. Another essential life skill to learn is patching things up with someone with whom you aren’t on good terms. Conflict resolution is a crucial skill that you will utilize in the future, whether you like it or not. Try making it a goal for yourself to make amends with people who have hurt you or who you have hurt over the past years. This doesn’t mean you have to be friends with them again but knowing that you can communicate and part amicably will be a weight off your shoulders. Plus, the experience will help give you an idea of what to do for future conflict resolution moments.

Sometimes it may feel like so many things are happening all at once during your senior year of high school. Make sure you don’t forget to keep your head up and enjoy this time. Best of luck to you!

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