The Storage and Security Advantages of Commercial Vans

Worker loading items in the sprinter van

For small businesses like a bakery, cake shop or a cleaning service, you need a commercial van to lug around equipment and deliver finished goods. Before buying a van, you have to consider the size and weight of the equipment or deliveries, and match these with the size of the van doors and its inside capacity.

You would do well to consider a used Mercedes Sprinter for sale in Salt Lake City. This van has distinct advantages over an open truck or a crew cab truck. Take a look at the valid selling points of a commercial Sprinter van.

Larger Work Area

Any small business would want to be able to move quickly from one job to the next. When it comes to space and organization, a commercial van has more advantages over an open bed pickup. While pickup users enjoy additional space inside the crew cab, a van offers you a higher headroom and larger work area inside the actual unit.

With a high roof, you can stand inside the van and work in comfort. You can also add cabinets and shelves inside. Depending on the use, a table can also be placed along with a chair or two. Although it may seem that the table and chairs would result in a smaller horizontal storage space, the total available horizontal and vertical space from the cabinets and shelves would be larger than the floor space of the van.

You can also choose to incorporate lockers into the cabinets to provide additional security for your equipment and supplies. If there is a need for larger storage spaces, specifically for a ladder, you can mount a rack on the vehicle’s roof.

Better Security

Construction worker near a sprinter vanThe van’s main selling point is its closed nature. With this, you can be sure that your equipment and supplies are safe from the elements. For instance, even if it rains, pool chemical supplies in buckets and sacks will not get wet. You could also stack them higher compared if you use an open pickup truck.

Moreover, you could lock the doors of a van when parked, so its contents will not be open to prying eyes and hands. A delivery of flour, fruits or even chemicals is safer in an enclosed vehicle than in an open pickup. Preventing theft and keeping your tools safe are musts for your business.

There is also room inside a van to create a small, private workstation on site. If you have a small stall at the market or a popup at the park, for example, your van can serve as your mobile office. You can safely monitor how everything is doing, and unload additional inventory or supplies as soon as needed so you do not have to keep customers waiting.

A commercial van is a vital resource for any business. It helps with deliveries and bringing needed equipment and supplies wherever there is a service or job. The same is true for pickup of perishable supplies. A closed van offers plenty of room and privacy to serve as a hub or small office during outdoor events or activities.

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