Techniques to Manage Your Career While Dealing with Divorce

going through divorce

Divorce, whether it’s expected or not, is never easy on anyone. But, it’s especially challenging when you’re trying to balance divorce and your career. Ideally, your personal life can be completely separate from your work life, but divorce has a way of creeping into different areas of your life, including your career. You may be working when you get a call from your divorce attorney or get a reminder about another divorce-related appointment.

While some people can balance the two effectively, it can also be challenging to maintain your performance at work, especially if the divorce process is long and drawn out. If you’re more of the latter, don’t worry. Below, we outlined some strategies you can employ to manage your career while going through a divorce.

1. Take a few days off

If the news of your divorce is recent, whether it was you or your spouse initiated it, the reality of it can be especially tricky to handle. You don’t want the situation to affect further how you work, so it’s best to take a few days off to allow yourself to process things and ponder questions you may have about divorce. You need to be able to do these without worrying about other things, such as client calls and deadlines.

2. Schedule your appointments wisely.

Once you’re back at work and the divorce proceeding has started, you might have to attend different appointments or answer calls with your attorney or spouse about the divorce. When scheduling these activities, make sure not to do so during work hours. Set aside time on weekends or when you get home from work before tackling all your divorce-related concerns. This way, your workflow isn’t being disrupted, and you can give your total focus on these different areas of your life on their own time.

3. Alert the right people.


You don’t have to send out an e-mail to the whole department stating that you’re going through a divorce. It’s better to keep personal things private. But, the repercussions of going through this ordeal might affect your performance or attendance at work. So, it would be a good idea to notify specific individuals, such as your HR department or your manager, about the situation and how it may affect your work.

4. Focus on work.

Not thinking about the divorce doesn’t mean it’s not happening, but distracting yourself with work can be a good reprieve. Remember, the divorce might take away your relationship or even some of your possessions, but it doesn’t have to ruin your career.

5. Practice Self Care.

Going through a divorce while keeping your career intact can be draining physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you don’t take care of yourself while juggling these things, you might experience burnout. So, remember to take a break, rest, eat well, and keep in touch with people who love you. All of these things help support the turmoil in your life, so you have the strength to get through it.

Emotionally trying circumstances, like a divorce, can leave a significant impact on your life. Don’t let it affect your career, though. Try our techniques above and come out on the other side as a stronger person.

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