Protection from Injuries at Work and at Home: What You Can Do

When you work as an employee under an employer, it’s a give-and-take situation. You render your services, and the employer gives you an environment that’s conducive to working and helps you thrive. They also have to ensure that you are kept safe and healthy at all times. This is not a privilege; this is a right. But when should you consult a lawyer for personal injury or a work injury lawsuit? You have the right to avoid pain and suffering, but also workplace hazards can be terrible for the business.

Every year, about a thousand people in Utah and other states suffer work-related illnesses and even die during on-the-job accidents. This causes a lot of consequences for both the employer and employee. The employee will need to pay for hospital bills, and the employer will have to pay for claims, wages, and other costs. A safe environment can help minimize any accidents and illnesses.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, you are entitled to a safe workplace. Employers must be able to provide you with a workplace that is safe and free of any health problems.

Understand the risks

Employers need to disclose any workplace hazards that come with the job to employees. They must also prepare workplace protocols to ensure the safety of the employees. Employees, on the other hand, must understand that the job they undertake may have risks. With transparency on the job description and understanding, chances of work-related injuries or illnesses may lessen.

Wear protective gear accordingly

Employers must supply their employees with protective gear, especially if the job to be undertaken has hazards. For example, a mining company would need to supply hard hats, gloves, and a full face mask to protect their workers from falling debris and inhaling too much dust.

Don’t run and fool around

As much as your work area may be fun and exciting, remember not to fool around. Horsing around is one of the common causes of injuries, and this may even be grounds for your removal.

Also, when you’re made to work on uneven terrain or other work areas, don’t run. Instead, walk. This ensures that accidents like slipping are avoided.

Be alert

It’s easy to get carried away and tune out as you work. But if your workplace has a lot of moving parts, you must be alert. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for moving objects like equipment, and pay attention to your work area. For example, construction workers need to pay attention to moving equipment, or mixers. They need to be alert for any falling debris too.

Stay sober

Working under the influence of substances like drugs or alcohol can greatly affect you, the quality of your work, and your co-workers. You may have had a couple of beers to celebrate last night’s match, and you should consider calling in sick. It’s better to let yourself recover than work under the influence. Mistakes will be costly, and this could be another reason for you to be suspended, or even fired.

Know your rights

Employers are obligated to create a safe working environment for you. But in the event that you get injured during work, you may want to consider your options to claim compensation. For this, you may need to consult with a personal injury lawyer on what to do. Employees are entitled to a safe working environment, but they also have to ensure that they are working responsibly.

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