Motivational Humor: Best Company Events for Inviting a Funny Speaker

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Humor can make an inspirational speech and its message more memorable. Because of that, it’s often good for a motivational speaker to have a sense for it. For your company to make the most of that fact, however, you should know when it’s best to hire one. After all, not all events call for someone to make people laugh. While yes, it’s always good to see the brighter side of situations, you could still be thought of as inappropriate and even insensitive if you bring a funnyman into a solemn moment. The following are a few employee enrichment activities where a sense of humor is most effective.


If you’ve ever been in a class, then you would know that if it’s not interesting, or worse, boring, it will be harder to absorb any of the lessons and learn what you need to. Your mind and heart won’t be in it, and you’ll even find yourself participating less, leading to even greater difficulty in learning. This is the same for any seminars and training sessions that you might have in your company. A little humor can liven up an event and motivate people. And it doesn’t matter if the one talking in front is part of the company or someone recommended by the sports speakers’ bureau.

Team Building

It’s always a must for employees to learn how to work together, so team building activities are common events that you could hold on a regular basis. What better way is there for you to start one than by getting a speaker to give a motivational and light-hearted message? Humor can bring many positive effects to the group. Aside from getting you and your employees pumped up, those who are nervous can get rid of the feeling much easier. Starting with a bit of laughter and positivity can also set the mood for the rest of the day and bring about stronger relationships and trust between people.

Awards Ceremonies

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One of the means that a company owner has to raise the morale of their employees is giving recognition where it’s due. That’s why awards ceremonies are held on a regular basis, often occurring every year. Of course, those who are recognized will feel better about the work that they do and will likely be motivated to continue, but some of those who aren’t might feel left out. Inviting a funny motivational speaker to such an event can not only inspire people to give more effort in the future, but it can also encourage them to accept their “failure” better.

Keep in mind that your company is made up of people who work together to run it. While it’s true that the work that they do will be productive for them and the business, but sometimes, it can get to them and make them a little too serious. Hiring a speaker who can bring a spark of humor into your company events can help them keep their minds and hearts on what’s important in life and remind everyone that they’re working in order to live and not simply getting through the day in order to finish tasks.

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