Making Sure You’re Safe When Ridesharing


Ridesharing is a convenient way to commute everywhere using a reliable platform that is accessible and affordable. For its convenience, however, it also comes with its risks. This occurs with any form of public transportation that involves riding with a stranger and hitting the road. Even though we don’t like to think of the worst, it’s best to be prepared for any incidents that might arise. To stay safe all around, make sure you’ve got these down.

Keep a lawyer’s number handy.

There’s a reason you can find an Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles with a quick online search and not much difficulty. Although their average fatality rates in accidents are much lower than the national average, the annual safety reports provided by the ridesharing platform glaringly skip out on core details on non-fatal accidents that still affect both drivers and riders.

This can be problematic. Even though they provide in-app assistance, this can cause a lot of hassle and red tape that one can’t be bothered with when recovering from a car accident. It can also involve third-party insurance and complications that might shortchange you during what could be a difficult period. It’s in these situations that it’s handy to have legal aid at the ready, even if it’s for a seemingly minor incident that still deserves recompense.

Make use of location tracking and sharing.

Part of staying safe is simply ensuring that you get to where you’re going. Many of the popular ridesharing platforms, including Uber and Lyft, have in-app tracking and have features that allow you to share tracking of your location to select recipients.

ridesharing app

For additional protection, it can also be a good idea to open up a separate map application on your mobile device so that you can see a good route towards where you’re supposed to be headed. This is especially useful if you’re in unfamiliar territory and you’re riding alone. This way, you can be aware of your ride is straying too much from its designated path, and you can use this time to alert someone or stop the drive if you feel the situation is sketchy.

Enact some safety protocols.

Vehicular accidents aren’t the only safety concern with ridesharing, so practicing some safety protocols on your own is also important. Confirming your driver’s identity before riding, sitting in the backseat, and remaining alert are some musts in your behavior to keep yourself safe.

Many criminal actions that happen during these rides occur from posers pretending to be the intended driver or from those who have bad intent. Many incidents affecting riders include theft and sexual harassment. A key to protecting yourself from becoming a victim is by being prepared and identifying a perpetrator in time. From there, one would hope it never has to come to a situation where these protocols were needed.

Staying safe and having the right avenues to protect yourself is important in this age, especially when we often cannot afford to forgo the use of these apps and services altogether. Though we hope never to need these safeguards, it’s in your best interest to make use of them.

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