Lockdown Learning: How to Help Your Child with Their Online Classes

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of national governments to implement stay-at-home orders. Singapore started its lockdown on April 07, 2020. People were discouraged from taking part in mass gatherings, and non-essential workplaces and schools were closed. And while the nation does have a three-phase plan to lift restrictions, it will still take months before they’re fully implemented. This leaves the top IB schools to either pause their operations or offer online classes.

You don’t want your kid to fall behind when it comes to their education, so online classes are a must. However, remote learning has a variety of pitfalls. For one, online lessons are often done unsupervised, which often leads your child to procrastinate. Even with video conferencing, nothing can beat the sense of community that a real classroom session brings. So, how can you help your child learn the best they can in their online lessons?

Be Mindful of their Schedule

Even if they are learning from home, your kids still need to follow an official schedule set up by their school. Memorize this and make sure they’re following it. You should also be mindful as to when they’re online. You don’t want to make a ruckus by turning on the TV or blender while they’re in class.

Designate a Study Spot

If your child is doing their online coursework in their room, they’ll be tempted to put it off to take extended breaks to nap or check their social media. Make sure they stay on track with their studies by assigning a designated study spot for them. It should have enough light and ventilation and is away from distractions like the television or gaming consoles.

Equip them With the Best Gear

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Your kids will spend all day looking at a monitor screen and working with a mouse and keyboard during their online classes. Traditional computer peripheral designs can cause significant strain on one’s fingers and wrists during prolonged use, potentially leading to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. This causes numbing, pain, and weakness in one’s hands. Other conditions associated with extended computer use include tendinitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, and more.

If you want your kid to stay healthy during their long stints in front of the computer, you need to supply them with ergonomic peripherals. For the keyboard, the Microsoft Sculpt is your best bet. It features a tented and slanted design that fits the natural shape of the hands to reduce discomfort and fatigue. For the mouse, Anker’s vertical mouse allows your kid to control their cursor in a neutral “handshake” position, which enables smoother and more comfortable use.

Be There for Them

The recent pandemic prevents your kid from spending time with their friends outside. This might cause them to feel stressed and confused. Plus, this new way of schooling might have them overwhelmed as well. Guide them through this unfamiliar time, even if you’re just as worried.

The recent lockdown has pushed schools to provide online learning options with little to no preparation. Your kid is bound to encounter problems adjusting to this new way of learning. Use these suggestions to make this experience much easier for them.

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