Local Businesses and Employee Benefits


Companies are consistently trying to make their workplaces more comfortable for their staff. They are starting to be more conscious of the wellness of their employees and are taking steps to help them achieve better satisfaction in their jobs. But what are some of these employee benefits? Learn all about them here!

1. Flexible work hours

A lot of companies nowadays are starting to adopt work schedules that give their employees more flexibility on the hours they want to work. This is generally done in order for employees to balance their lives and be able to take care of other responsibilities outside of work. This is also an effort to improve the morale of its workers, and it has been proven that flexible hours are more effective in achieving this goal. This type of policy allows employees to do things like picking their kids up from school, going to medical appointments, attending classes, visiting family members who live far away, or taking care of other personal businesses.

2. Work from home options

More and more companies these days are allowing their staff members to telecommute or work from home. This type of policy is a good alternative for employees who have children, elderly parents, disabilities, or other health conditions that need constant care and attention. They can be assigned to a project that they can do online while staying at their homes, allowing them to balance family life with their career better.

3. Medical and dental insurance, 401k plans, and other perks

In an effort to attract young and skilled professionals, companies have been offering medical and dental insurance plans. These days, a lot of companies are even willing to cover their employees’ children in these plans. From dental plans that pay for dental replacements, bridges, and crowns to medical insurance plans that cover surgical procedures such as cataract surgery, companies are investing in their employees’ health to have them remain productive.

Other perks include 401k plans where employees can save some of their money for retirement. These types of investments are only made by the more serious businesses that want to attract loyal professionals who can stay with them long term. Some companies even offer to put aside a percentage of their employees’ salaries every month as savings.

4. Fitness plans

people exercising

One other benefit that companies are trying to incorporate in their company policies is a fitness center membership. As the saying goes, “Health is wealth,” and businesses believe that healthy employees can help boost productivity levels. This is also an effort to prevent their workers from developing serious health conditions that can be expensive to treat down the line.

5. Tuition Assistance Programs

As companies are starting to pay more attention to their employees’ well-being, some businesses are trying to help them achieve even further goals by offering tuition assistance programs for those who want to attend college. This is a win-win situation for both the company and its staff members, as the employees are able to better their lives by furthering their education while businesses are getting access to skilled professionals.

6. Childcare discounts

When it comes to starting or expanding their families, many couples have the challenge of finding quality childcare options that are affordable. Fortunately, more companies are trying to ease this struggle by offering to lower the rates on their employee’s childcare costs. This is an effort to help them stay with their jobs while ensuring that their children are well taken care of.

7. Employee discounts on goods and services from their company’s partners

Finally, to show their appreciation towards their employees, companies are starting to offer them discounts on goods and services from other businesses that are either owned by the company or are partner firms. This type of perk is only given to long-term employees who have stayed loyal to the business for at least a couple of years. Businesses want to reward loyalty in an effort to maintain stability in their workplace.

Employee benefits seem to be growing in number by the day, and it looks like they will only continue to grow in the future. Companies are doing all that they can to improve their company culture and make sure that their employees are happy working with them because they know that happier employees mean greater productivity levels.

Employee benefits are just one way of showing your gratitude to the people who got you where you are today. From childcare discounts to free medical and dental plans, you should think about offering some perks to your loyal employees who are also helping you reach your business goals.

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