Increasing Reach and Engagement of Your Community

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Community building is challenging but rewarding. There are obstacles that come along the way, but once you get the gears going, you’ll be able to see notable improvements in your community. And all this work isn’t a one-man job; it is, as the term implies, a community effort. So how do you get a community involved in development and progress?

Here are some ways you can push forward any good-willed cause in your humble community:

By Word Of Mouth

It’s a common marketing strategy to make people talk about your product or service to spread awareness and reach. And it’s not only on consumer-based marketing that this is being employed. Notice that animal shelters heavily utilize this strategy to get fosters and improve adoption drives. Make the effort to strike up friendly conversations with others, and ask them to spread the word out too.

Words go a long way, and even if not everybody decides to act on what they hear, the fact that it reaches more people than just those who are close to you will truly help your cause. Word of mouth might seem like an archaic concept to go by, but with all facts considered, it’s still very much useful.

See and Be Seen

Be it a charity drive, a non-profit, or a for-profit venture, you need to be seen. Specifically, it’s your outfit that needs to be seen. Join local events, participate in fundraisers and charities. It’s important to put yourself (and the outfit or company you’re representing) out there and let people see you working for your cause.

When people see your activity, they’re more inclined to believe your efforts. And even when only a few people end up believing in your efforts, those who are tangentially concerned about your campaign will be interested. Marketing is important, whatever case or concern it may be, and being seen pushing for your ideals is something that builds trust and reputation.

Go Online

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We live in two worlds that are interconnected. The virtual one, and the physical one. Whatever events that happen in the real world will always end up being posted online, be it through pictures, video, or even text format. And when enough people talk about it, a community normally follows. Create a compelling case for your ideas and then put it online.

Going online means you’re creating a permanent mark. And that’s something that will be seen by even more people, often from different locations as well. Make sure to put it on multiple platforms, especially in platforms that house people with similar minds. You’ll discover that you’re not alone in your efforts and that people will want to help you with your cause.

Give Them Something Tangible

Pamphlets and flyers have long been a part of community building. Messages are handed out not just by word-of-mouth, but also by a literal piece of paper. They’re effective and efficient in getting your message across. Pamphlets, brochures, and other printed marketing collateral leave a lasting impact, whatever your message may be.

Having something tangible with your message makes people interested in what’s written in it. And when read through physical means, we often tend to remember it more. Think about it, how often do we get to read pamphlets and flyers? With many traditional methods of communication being replaced by the all-powerful internet, having something that you can feel and touch (and read not through a screen!) is very memorable.

Give People Updates

Once you’ve put the word out there that you have a community drive ongoing, people will appreciate updates about it, especially those who contribute to it. It’s important to let people know where their contributions go, and it’s uplifting to know whenever your project reaches a goal. Pictures that show how your charity event turned out, videos depicting community clean-up drives- these things might not be the usual “online content” material that many people watch, but for those who’ve followed your efforts, the update is more than welcome. Make it so that those who’ve helped you are also included in the update. They’ll appreciate being publicly thanked, and more people will be aware of your attempts.

Building a community or increasing the engagement of your current one is by no means an easy task. However, it’s not impossible either. Through hard work, smart efforts, and consistency, whatever it is you’re pushing for will eventually reach the amount of audience it needs. Through the collective effort of you and your community members, you can create an environment that’s progressive and engage everyone.

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