A Good Start: How You Can Build Community Values


The world is constantly changing, and communities need to keep up with these shifts in culture. Differing perspectives among people continue to develop as modern technology continues to evolve. In a given community or organization, it is vital to building values among its members.

Some traditional perspectives can inform our contemporary culture of essential values and how these values are formed. The main principles of Catholic social teaching can assist in developing good values in a given community or organization. In these dark days, it is important to spread kindness and hope among our people.

During this global health crisis, a lot of things have coincided with the issues of the pandemic. In an organization or a community setting, it is vital to set the culture of values to promote healthy relationships even in a professional environment.

Starting Them Young

Modern culture is filled with a wide array of perspectives from different parts of the world. With the advent of modern technology, it has become easier for the young generation to adopt attitudes that might be the opposite of what their immediate family or community has taught them as they were growing up. Today’s culture has started blurring the lines of the idea of values formation.

When it comes to shaping a person’s views of the world, it is important to start young. Some skills and attitudes should be instilled in children to equip them to handle real-world problems better and in the most compassionate way possible. Here are some values that a community should consider teaching young individuals in their growing up years.

As kids grow up, we want them to learn the value of collaboration and teamwork. Working with a community is vital in keeping that community alive and healthy. Forging strong bonds with community and organization members will allow individuals to gain new insights and ideas about the world around them. Teamwork and collaboration can eliminate unhealthy competition among community members.

Young individuals should be taught to find solutions to pressing problems. These young minds are good sources of fresh ideas and new perspectives, so developing these minds is essential in creating good communities that aim to help each other through tough times.

These days, owning up to one’s mistakes has become a difficult task, especially with the anonymity that the Internet can offer. This is why it is crucial to teach young individuals the value of accepting responsibility for their actions. Doing so will avoid conflict and friction within a community setting, whether in a personal or professional context.

These values should be instilled in children early on in their development to allow them to imbibe healthy habits and perspectives of the world around them. As they grow up to be responsible and disciplined adults, these measures in values formation will eventually pay off as they contribute to their communities.

Building a Values-based Organization

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As young ones grow up, they will eventually be part of the workforce that will drive the community’s economy and become the younger generation’s role models. This sense of responsibility in one’s community should be backed by solid core values effectively applied in the real world.

For every employer, learning their potential hires’ values is important as this will contribute to the development of company culture. Building a values-based organization is essential in maintaining a healthy workplace with minimal conflict among its members. There are some work values that companies aim for in potential new employees.

Hard workers are essential in every work setting. During this pandemic, the change in employee motivation is almost inevitable. There are various sources of stress around us, and employers should be understanding of this situation. However, a consistent work ethic remains to be a good indicator of a dedicated employee. Do your best to eliminate distractions when working from home so that you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Being adaptable to changing situations is another crucial aspect of today’s workforce. Communities are continuously and drastically changing with this pandemic, and employees should learn how to keep up. The changes in the new normal could alter the work setting, so it is essential to learn how to adapt with grace.

In any workplace, practicing honesty is most appreciated by employers. This builds trust and transparency between the employer and the employee, which forge strong work relationships. Having good connections in the workplace can lead to better workflow and productivity for the organization.

It is important to instill values in individuals early on to help them grow as good individuals. This will allow them to have positive contributions to their respective communities as they develop into mature citizens.

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