How to Support Nonprofit Organizations


Nonprofit organizations are at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus. But unlike other front liners, they work in the background. These organizations help senior citizens with their groceries since they cannot go out to buy the groceries themselves. They also raise funds to buy the supplies needed by healthcare workers. Moreover, these organizations do a lot of work that isn’t normally seen on the news.

Even as nonprofits are helping people, they also need help. If you’re interested in helping or supporting a nonprofit organization, here are some ways for you to do it.


This is a no-brainer. The first thing you can do to support a nonprofit organization is to donate. Some people feel embarrassed when they donate a small amount to nonprofits. But if you put together the small amounts donated by many people, it will become a significant amount that the organization can use for their projects.

While money may be the best donation nonprofits will need, you also have the option of donating in kind. Medical supplies, such as masks, are greatly appreciated. Some nonprofits also provide shelter for the homeless. With this in mind, you can help them by covering the cost of flood insurance for the shelter they are running. You can also donate food and other supplies needed by the residents of the shelter.

Donating can also come in the form of time. You can volunteer when these nonprofits have an activity close to you. Donating to these organizations is not limited to giving cash. You can also donate in-kind or even your time.

Share Their Campaigns

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The easiest way to support nonprofits is by sharing their campaigns. Spreading awareness about what these nonprofits are doing for the underprivileged allows them to attract government agencies and philanthropists who can help them. You can spread their mission and hopefully get a generous donation from your network of friends.

Aside from getting donations, you also uplift the spirits of the people behind these organizations. They will notice that someone else cares about them. It will encourage them and give them the strength to continue their work of helping other people.

Attend Fundraisers

Since the pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home, you will have a lot of time on your hands. You can use this time productively by attending the virtual fundraising events of nonprofits. These organizations used to hold in-person events, but the pandemic made it necessary to organize virtual events.

These events can range from virtual galas to video game tournaments. There may be instances when a virtual walk or run is included in the event. A virtual walk will see participants walking a specific distance in their locations while maintaining physical distancing.

When you show your support for these organizations, you will promote them to your family and friends. Similar to sharing their campaigns, you may be able to find a philanthropist in your network who can give a hefty donation to the organization.

Raise Funds

Lastly, you can also raise funds for the organization. You may think raising funds is something you cannot do. But if an 11-year-old boy can raise money to help single moms by selling lemonade, imagine what you can do to help nonprofits.

Social media platforms are making it easier to raise funds for nonprofits. For instance, you can raise funds for an organization on your birthday by encouraging your family and friends to donate on your behalf. You can also create a page to raise funds for them. The options for raising funds on your own are endless. Your creativity and imagination only limit you.

With the current situation, nonprofits need all the help they can get. So, if you have the time and resources, you can do your part and support them any way you can.

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