How Local Businesses Help the Community During a Pandemic

business during the pandemic

Communities are starting to recover from the ravages of the pandemic. Businesses are also starting to open up their doors. However, the risk of the virus is still present. Although restrictions are lighter these days, people should still take precautions and follow the guidelines set by health officials.

One of the ways to slow down the transmission of the virus is to limit the movement of people. Travels should be kept to a minimum and activities only within the locality. This is where local businesses can help.

Why Local Businesses?

Local businesses have their charm and emotional connection to residents. There is that sense of familiarity; there’s an emotional aspect to buying products from people you know. Local businesses also carry the identity of the community, reflecting its unique personality.

As local businesses start to resume their normal operations, check your directory app for local businesses. Supporting the small businesses in your locality does not just keep you away from the crowds of the city. It also helps your community.

How Your Neighborhood Stores Contribute

  • They know the needs of the people in the community.

Local businesses are usually run by local families. Since they are owned by residents, they can serve the locals best. They know what makes the locals tick, what flavors they want in their food and the services that they need.

Local businesses can help reduce the movement of people when they need to stock up on their food and supplies. People do not need to go far to get their needs. Interactions are maintained within the community, helping slow down the transmission of the coronavirus.

  • They create jobs for the locals.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses have created two jobs out of three since 2014. This may not sound like much, but imagine the number of people who wouldn’t have to leave their communities to look for a job. In 2015 alone, small businesses were able to create 1.9 million jobs. In 2019, local businesses have created 1.8 million new jobs all over the country. They also employ 47.3 percent of the workforce that works for private entities.

One of the top reasons why people leave their community to go elsewhere is to look for a job to support themselves or their families. With jobs provided by local businesses, more and more people do not have to leave behind their families and homes. By staying within their locality, the workers have a lower risk of exposure to the dreaded Corona Virus. This also lowers the risk of exposure of their families as well.

When workers and families do not leave their communities, they also help the economy flourish. By shopping and buying locally, they maintain a healthy cash flow that boosts the economy of the community. The chain of activities also helps improve the quality of life of the locals. These people who work in the community will dine, shop, and buy their needs in businesses near their workplace. The cash stays local, improving everyone’s lives.

  • They boost the community’s local economy.


Local businesses support one another. For instance, a local supermarket will hire a local cleaning company to maintain the upkeep of its establishment. Its management will also hire local accountants for their books and payroll. Boutiques and shops will hire local interior designers to set up their stores for them. Restaurants will source their ingredients from local producers. Local businesses supporting other local businesses help boost the livelihood of the people.

  • They help protect the environment.

Local businesses that source their raw materials and ingredients locally have lower carbon footprints. Nearby local businesses also reduce the need to use a car. Locals can simply walk to the bakery for some bread, or they can simply ride a bike. This helps reduce harmful emissions that can adversely affect the air quality in the area.

Unlike shopping malls, local businesses do not need to convert spaces into warehouses and parking lots. Local businesses usually repurpose existing buildings without having to tear the whole structure down.

Owners of local businesses care more about the community than big enterprises. They tend to be more mindful and accountable for their actions.

  • They promote sustainability.

A sustainable community is important for its survival. Remember the lockdowns and travel bans? If the people of a community have to go to the nearest city for their needs, they will have a big problem if lockdowns will again be implemented.

Local businesses help the community become more sustainable. Produce is grown fresh. Local purchases cut down on fuel consumption. And carbon footprint is at a minimum when your goods don’t have to be shipped from halfway across the country or the globe.

Supporting local businesses supports your friends, neighbors and the community. By buying local products and paying for local services, you are giving your hometown a boost, too.





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