Holiday Decorations: Interesting Origin Stories

We probably don’t think about it too much since we see it a lot on television, the pages of books, and billboards across the country. Most of the iconic holiday decorations that we know today have fascinating histories. I’m sure most of us know that Christmas trees are one of the essential decorations out there. But have you ever asked yourself where did all of these intricate little decorations for Christmas trees come from? Who came up with the idea of blinking Christmas lights? We’ll be answering some critical questions on how most holiday decorations came to be and how they’re significant to us today.

Plus, everyone loves a classic Christmas origin story that will get your heart yearning for more. What are some of the surprising origins of some of the most iconic Christmas decorations that we have to date? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

How Were Christmas Lights Invented?

It wouldn’t be Christmas if there weren’t any Christmas lights, would it? Contrary to what most people think, Christmas was one of the earliest electronic lights and was invented by an associate of Thomas Edison during the later parts of the 18th century. By hand, Edward Johnson would hand-craft around 80 lights alternating between red, blue, and white while wrapping it on an evergreen tree. As you might have guessed: this is the first time the iconic modern Christmas three was born.

By the turn towards the 20th century, there were already stores selling light displayed that were intended for Christmas trees. That attracted so many customers that a whole industry was built on putting on a Holiday display that started booming by the early 1960s.

If you think programming Christmas lights is challenging or you want to be the talk of the town by putting up a great light show display on your house, you might want to hire a Christmas light contractor who is well-versed with lighting. Having a professional working on your light works can ensure that fire hazards and issues are non-existent.

lit up christmas tree


Another known part of Christmas that’s sold almost around the world are Tinsels, which are sparkling strands of tin foil or plastic that are placed all over Christmas trees. That started together with the tradition of cutting evergreens. However, the materials that they used during that time were real silver rather than just thin pieces of tin foil or plastic that we’re using now. Classy, right?

These were a great way of bouncing off lighting from candles lit during that time and were wonders to behold by ordinary townsfolk. Since they were using real silver, only the wealthiest could afford such Christmas trees.

Tinsels got so popular that it nearly overtook holiday light displays in terms of sales during the 1950s.

What Made the Christmas Tree so Popular?

But even before holiday lights were a thing, Christmas trees were already a tradition that many people were quite familiar with. Even before the United States was considered an independent state in 1776, Christmas trees were already a tradition in Germany during the 16th century. Although these weren’t necessarily decorated with the tinsels, plastic bulbs, and blinking lights that we know today. During this era, most Christmas trees would use actual fruits and foot items like apples, berries, nuts, and traditional light sources like candles and lanterns.

As centuries past, most Christians started bringing decorated trees inside their home, especially for the holiday season. Most immigrants would then bring this tradition with them to North America. Later on, the invention of holiday light displays would then be incorporated into Christmas trees, which has become a popular icon for the American holiday spirit.

By the 19th century, there were already royal figures celebrating with a Christmas tree. Since all of these royalties were doing such a “luxurious” tradition, most fashionable Americans would follow suit, and most households started adopting the tradition. It wouldn’t be long until businesses began popping up as holiday light displays became even more popular with the invention of electricity.

Christmas decorations have always been part of the American tradition. Not only does it look great with almost any house arrangement, but it’s also got a rich history in tradition. One of the great things about holiday decorations is that you can customize your lights and use various ways of showing off that holiday spirit.

Ultimately, the holidays are all about having fun with others and cherishing the holiday spirit. When you’re decorating your home, it’s important not to get too stressed out!

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