Helping Communities Rise above Covid-19

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Covid-19 took the world by storm. To date, the WHO tracker has recorded about 1.8 million deaths and 83 million confirmed cases worldwide. While these numbers are already grave enough on their own, the negative implications of this pandemic in communities are just as bad.

In trying times like this, what we ultimately need is one another. With all the challenges we face each day as the numbers of deaths and confirmed cases continue to grow, we all need to learn how to rebuild our communities.

The Negative Impact of Covid-19

To understand how we can help our communities rise above a pandemic, we first need to learn how it affected the various sectors of our nation. Below is a brief discussion on this matter.

On Healthcare

Hospitals worldwide are now finding it difficult to accommodate the overwhelming number of patients with Covid-19, and the numbers keep on rising. In addition to this, hospitals need to prioritize Covid-19 patients, leaving patients with other diseases getting neglected. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare personnel often work around the clock to fight the virus, all the while having little facilities to do so.

On Economy

Millions of people lost their jobs, which eventually led to the slowing down of the economy because companies could not produce as many goods and services as they did before the pandemic. This disrupted circulation of money in the market later handicapped the entire economy of various nations.

On Social Interaction

There are plenty of physical and mental benefits of social interaction. However, because of the nature of the various and how quickly and easily it spreads, we had to isolate ourselves from other people as much as possible, leading the collective mental health of entire communities to plummet.

What Communities Need during a Pandemic

After finding out what we all have collectively experienced during this pandemic, it’s time we learn how we can rise above it. In rebuilding communities, some vital pillars must be established to fortify our regrowth.

Morale Boost

It’s undeniable that the loss of lives and livelihoods has taken a toll on our mental health. That’s why it’s important that we also get to boost our morale. The expertise of psychologists and mental health professionals in this area is vital to our communities’ restoration.

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Relief Funds

Plenty of people have little to no savings in their bank accounts. With the worldwide loss of jobs and income sources, communities need relief funds to provide goods for underprivileged people to help them get by during this challenge.

Food Banks

Every community needs to have food banks not just to assist during a pandemic but also for all sorts of communal challenges. Homelessness, tropical storms, and other crises all need food banks to provide for their daily nutritional needs.


Another important pillar in the rebuilding of communities is daycares. When parents need to be away from home to look for or attend their jobs, communities need to come together to provide care for the little children. This is especially important for parents who work in healthcare and essential jobs battling Covid-19.

Remote Teaching

Students also need to continue their studies halted by the pandemic. At a time like this, remote teaching seems like the best and only solution. This may become a problem for families who live in areas with little or no internet connection, and communities need to provide this along with other educational needs for the students’ learning to continue.

Remote Companionship

The current most important need of communities as of the moment, aside from the vaccine, is physical distancing. This is vital to stop the spread of the virus. However, isolating yourself from other people can also be damaging for your emotional and mental health. While seeking professional help is of utmost importance, remote companionship through the Internet is also beneficial.


While the vaccine is still widely unavailable, hospitals need to find treatment for other complications caused by the virus. That being said, the availability of all sorts of medicines is essential to guarantee the community’s safety.

Ironically, the times when we need to isolate ourselves from other people are also when we need each other. Gladly, our collective drive to stand up for one another is stronger than any virus or crisis we face. We will keep on finding ways to rise above this pandemic because that’s what communities are—a family with no one left behind.

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