Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Plumbing Program

There are many reasons why people consider a career in plumbing. For some, it is a vocation they grew up around, as either an uncle or parent worked as a plumber. For others, they may have had friends enroll in plumbing programs and have watched them succeed. Then, there is arguably the top reason to join a plumbing program to start a career in the plumbing industry – the potential income.

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As the attached video points out, though, there are a few things you will want to know before grabbing your pipe wrench and jumping into a quality plumbing program.

Anyone thinking about a career in plumbing should also have an idea of what area of plumbing they would like to work and specialize in. That could be residential or commercial plumbing roles to plumbing services and repairs, knowing what area to focus on will help guide your path and your apprenticeship. Along with having an idea of the area of plumbing you want to pursue, it is also a good idea to understand what the plumbing needs are in your area. Are industrial, commercial, or residential plumbing opportunities prevalent? Last but not least, remember that it doesn’t matter if you want to own your own plumbing company or become a lead plumber, it begins by learning the trade, which starts with a good plumbing program.

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