Essential Steps to Protecting Your Home from Burglars

burglar breaking in

Decorating is always first in mind when we move to a new house. We purchase many things that we think we need to make it look more beautiful not only on the inside but also outside. However, we also need to think about protecting it from unwanted guests.

In Utah alone, 65% of people complain about a break-in in their households, usually when people are out of the house. Of all property crimes reported, 12% are committed by burglars.

With the rising crimes in all parts of the city, it is just right to think of ways to increase your home’s security and keep your household safe from all types of criminals, including burglars. Below are some ways to increase the security of your home and prevent burglary in your household.

Keep Doors Secured

Around 34% of burglars enter houses through the front door. Do not let this happen to you. Make sure all your door frames are tough enough to handle any force applied to them from the outside. Ensure that all hinges are protected and that there is no way for anyone from the outside to unlock the door. Use robust door locks as well, particularly deadbolts. These locks are not spring activated and cannot be forced to open even with a blade or a knife. Only people with the key can open these types of locks.

Apart from a deadbolt lock, you may also use a smart lock. This is a mechanical and electronic locking device that uses virtual keys and other means of owner authentication to open the door. If this mechanism is not your type, you may also opt for a video doorbell as an addition to your existing door lock. Video doorbells provide video surveillance and allow you to see and speak to people at the door even without opening it. Video doorbells are powerful components of home security.

Install a Fence

Fences, particularly those that are hard to climb, can keep burglars away. You can construct your fence based on your home’s overall design to make it blend well with the entire surroundings. Talk with a fence contractor so that you will have an idea of how best you can use a fence design to protect your home. There are several types of fences, each of which may offer different security levels to your household. An expert on fences can help you decide which one will best answer your security needs and how you can better construct them.

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Set Up Security Cameras

Burglars hide their identity, and cameras are likely to scare them away. Definitely, no thief would want to be caught red-handed doing their crime. They would never want their crime to be caught on film at any time. Security cameras are easy to set up and might be placed in strategic places around your property for optimum protection. They may even be hidden away from sight if you aim to catch crooks doing their crimes.

The best cameras for outdoor use that can be placed around your premises are those that include features such as motion detection, night vision, wi-fi capability, local cloud storage, and two-way talk capabilities. They should also come with a weatherproof casing to protect them from the harsh changing weather.

Automate Your Home

Home automation is a great form of home protection, even while you are away. Home automation allows you to schedule your door locks, security cameras, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and many other types of security devices. This means that you still have control over the security of your home even when you are away. You can even automate a two-way talk on your video doorbell, cause your alarms to go off, or turn your lights and tv on or off when you detect suspicious activity in your home.

Secure the Garage

When burglars cannot find entry to your home, they may use the garage to perform their criminal activity. If you have a lot of good stuff stored in your garage, you can keep thieves away by ensuring that all your garage doors are securely locked and that there is no way for burglars to peek and see what is inside. You may also automate your garage to make sure that unwanted guests cannot get in without your permission.

Burglars can strike your home at any time; hence, you must protect your household at all times, even in your absence. Always remember to include house security measures when designing, renovating, or decorating your home. This can save you the headache of addressing issues brought about by the forced or unauthorized entry into your home.

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