Elder Inclusivity: Making Your Store More Senior-Friendly

senior in a wheel chair

Nowadays, businesses should cater to all customers, regardless of age. It is essential for seniors, who can often be marginalized and ignored. By making your business more senior-friendly, you’re not only providing a valuable service, but you’re also showing that you care about your community.

There are many ways to make your store more senior-friendly. A straightforward way is to ensure that the lighting is bright and cheerful. You can also install seating so seniors can rest if needed. Additionally, you can provide information in large print or audio format and ensure that your staff knows how to help seniors.

Ultimately, catering to seniors is the right thing to do and is suitable for business. Seniors have a lot of disposable income and are often loyal customers who appreciate good service. So, make sure your store is ready for them – they’re coming!

However, you might need to make significant changes if you want to drive home the message that your business is senior-friendly. In that case, here are a few adjustments you must make.

Ramp Accessibility

While it might be a standard feature in public places, not every store has a ramp leading up to its entrance. It can be a problem for seniors who have mobility issues. If your store does not have a ramp, you should consider installing one. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate – a simple wooden ramp will do the trick.

However, the entrance point is not the only area that requires a ramp. Your store might have two or more floors, and in that case, you’ll need to install ramps leading to each level. It also applies to feet with different elevations, such as a basement.

Elders have more weakened mobility, so it is best to have ramp accessibility in your store to make it easier. Fortunately, you can designate those areas where stairs are present. You can split the features to make way for average customers and elders. However, it will be necessary to install handrails and avoid making the ramp too steep.


Elevators are essential for any business that wants to be genuinely senior-friendly. They provide a way for seniors with mobility issues to access all store areas quickly. It is important because many seniors prefer to shop at stores that are easy to navigate.

Also, elevators can be lifesavers for seniors unable to walk upstairs. It is especially true for businesses that have multiple floors. With an elevator, seniors can quickly get from one level to another without struggling with stairs.

However, elevators might require technical work and repairs, rendering them useless for a short time. It might be necessary to install chair lifts as alternatives. Stair chair lifts are relatively easy to install and can be just as effective as elevators. Plus, they are the more affordable option. It might take a while to help elders relaxed in those seats, but you can train your staff members to accomplish the task.

It makes your store more accessible and welcoming to all customers, not just seniors. So, if you want to make your business more senior-friendly, install an elevator!

Automatic Doors

Another way to make your store more senior-friendly is to install automatic doors. They are helpful for seniors who have difficulty opening and closing doors. Also, they can be a godsend for those with mobility issues or arthritis.

Automatic doors are not only convenient but also stylish. Many businesses use them because they give the store a modern look. Revolving doors are also an option, allowing customers to enter and exit the store without opening and closing the door.

An automatic door at business store

If you want to make your store more senior-friendly, automatic doors are a must. They provide seniors with the independence they need to shop without assistance.

However, automatic doors might be out of budget for some stores. If that’s the case, you can consider installing door handles that are easy to grip. You can also add a sign that says, “Please open the door for me.”

Accessible Parking

The last thing you want is for seniors to struggle to find parking or have to walk long distances to get to your store. That’s why it’s essential to have accessible parking for seniors. The best way to do this is to reserve a few parking spots near the entrance of your store for seniors.

You can also offer valet services, so seniors don’t have to worry about finding a spot. It’s an extra touch showing them that you care about their shopping experience.

Final Thoughts

Making your store more senior-friendly doesn’t have to be complicated. Making simple changes can ensure that seniors have a positive experience when shopping at your store. So, if you want to make your business more inclusive, start with these tips!

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