Direct Mail Marketing Solutions that Can Help Your Business

Direct marketing concept

When you are running a business, reaching out to potential and current customers is crucial. Mail and print services have convincing solutions that can significantly help you in direct mail marketing. Marketing matters because you can equate marketing with sales. It involves feedback from your customers. Having a more natural way to market your products gives you the utmost convenience. For additional help, you can follow these suggestions:

Use the 40/40/20 Approach

To spruce up, your direct mail marketing drive is doing the 40/40/20 technique. That is, 40% for the audience (identifying the right customers), 40$ for offering (making your product useful to customers), and 20% for creativity (enhancing your product to make it more appealing to more customers).

Make Use of Dimensional Mailer

Tradition mediums are very basic and are less appealing to customers. Another practical approach to having a successful direct mail marketing campaign is by using 3D mailers. You need to spend money to obtain them, but the advantage you’ll gain is impressive — 250% performance in increasing your business ROI (return on investment).

Interesting fact: 3D formats of tubes and boxes that you can find in the market have teasers on the exterior, outperforming traditional mediums.

Use Postcards to Help Your Business

As per the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, direct mail takes center stage than the rest of digital channels. According to statistics, the utilization of business postcards has the highest response rate compared with letter envelopes, flyers, and catalogs. To manage an increase in business, postcards can help your commerce boost return on investment of your direct mail marketing strategy.

Provide Better Envelopes to Your Customers

Envelopes are essential to contain and deliver valuable content inside. To increase the chance of enticing your customers to read your mailers, provide better envelopes to boost the encouragement of opening them. How can you do this? Work together with your team to come up with an attractive, stirring message. This can help you to increase the conversion rate with your direct mail marketing drive.

Supply Freebies and Discounts

To spruce up your marketing efforts, you can start sharing incentives to your customers — discounts on the item or service, samples, freebies, time-time customer promo, loyalty card, etc. There will be an increase in ROI because your customer will start calling your business, visiting your site, recommending your company to their friends, and so on.

Make Personalized Materials

Manipulating envelopes for mailing

If you feel that your staff doesn’t have the adequate skills yet to make direct mails more appealing, start finding the best mail and print service, provider. By customizing your direct mails according to your needs and preferences, you will be successful in pursuing your direct mail marketing promotion.

There’s are numerous companies out there that cater direct mail marketing solutions — printing, production of large-scale printing projects, data services, and more. Reach out to potential customers and current customers with the right direct mail marketing assistance. To give you an idea, digital marketing professionals in Missouri provide first-class mail and print services that you need for your business growth, boosting your business attraction, and gaining more profits.

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