The Builders Guide to CSR Activities

volunteer program for construction company

Any builder takes pride in their business due to its myriad possibilities. The high quality of craftsmanship and customer orientation is crucial to your business. However, you can gain an edge over the others only through proper marketing strategies. Social media has proved to be a boon in today’s turbulent times, but there are more things to be done than just money-generating activities.

If you want to create a place in the hearts of the masses, you have got to be more creative. Extending your support towards the community is one such effort that can help you gain a steady stream of followers. Your involvement in charity can give you visibility and more followers in the times to come. There are quite a few areas where you can get involved with. Here are a few things on corporate social responsibility that can give you an edge over others.

Invest in Community Education

As a construction business owner, you can open up avenues for continuing education of the local unemployed masses. Involve them in your construction projects on a stipend basis. This will give them the ability to earn a living. Moreover, such efforts will certainly not go unnoticed. You can also partner with local vocational schools and offer the same training in-house. This will create an active base for the individuals to seek work and support themselves. In this manner, you can also solve the skill shortage issues affecting the construction industry today.

Apart from adult continuing education, you can also facilitate volunteering through your employees to teach the children in the slums nearby. Do not be short-sighted while doing so. The children may not be of immediate help, but you can make them a part of your business in the future. It will also help in eradicating illiteracy from the region.

Get Involved with a Charity

You should consider working with a charitable organization to show the world that you care. The best way is to look for local initiatives that you can be a part of. Most construction businesses get customers from the exact geographical location. However, you may also bring clients who have relocated. You must delve deep within your local zone to find out what the community seeks.

Take, for example, if there are farms in your area, you may get involved with a charity that takes care of the well-being of the farm animals. Additionally, you can associate with PETA to check whether the farmers are ethically treating their animals.

volunteering in the community

After choosing the charity, you need to align the intended goals with the company’s financial goals. Be a bit realistic and do not succumb to emotions. You have to be consistent with your charity. So, figure out what amount works best. You can also encourage your employees and managerial staff to participate in more such events.

Practice Sustainability

You should take measures to create structures, keeping in mind the environment. Builders who commit to the initiatives will mainly choose materials for construction that make fewer hazards for the environment and the people around you. Moreover, you can also utilize energy sources like the sun to operate your construction equipment. This is the first step towards sustenance. Your goals should revolve around designing buildings that use less non-renewable energy sources. Aim at water conservation which is a diminishing resource today.

You can also incorporate more open spaces in your projects to aid in adding greenery. Such initiatives will help purify the surrounding atmosphere while increasing the oxygen supply. More plants in such open areas mean better carbon dioxide absorption rates. Builders in the sector are becoming more and more conscious today and introducing green buildings. However, do not try to pass on the additional costs to the end-user while doing so. This will create a good impact on your reputation.

Spread The Message on Social Media

After getting the exposure, it makes sense to let the world know about it. You need to share the pictures and videos on social media channels. It will also increase and improve your online presence. Now, you have more things to add to your marketing programs. Let the community know how you have been an active partner in their growth.

You can expand the business to include the communities in the vicinity. With such recognition, your business will soar to new heights within a short period. Post consistently and be up-to-date. The next time you launch a project, get ready to be sold out within the first month itself. You can even rope in a marketing agency for the purpose. They know how to get you a good deal.

Implement the above strategies and get more footfalls for your business today. Get ready to face the inquiries soon after. You are on your way to expansion.

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