Our Heart and Soul: How to Make Everyone Closer in Your Community Through Music

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The community is the heart and soul of everyone living in it. It is our pride and joy as members of it. It is also where we get most of our strength to fight through whatever challenge we have in our daily lives. But some communities are new and require that we foster and grow each members’ relationships before we can start reaping its rewards. There are many ways to start the spark the close-knit relationship we can with each other. One way is through music.

Music has been around for as long as we can remember. It was in 800 BCE when first recorded music was discovered. It was in cuneiform, and it was made for the purpose of worship. But music has started way before that. Cavemen used music to communicate with one another and a way to distinguish animals from other animals. Music was also integrated with the Greeks and Romans and can be heard almost anywhere.

Music in its truest form has always been part of every community and civilization in the world. It has the capability of bringing each other together in joyful celebration and reverence of one of the things that make us truly human. But as a community member, you might be asking how you can do this for your community. Here are some ways you can use music to bring the community closer to one another.

Religious Music

As stated earlier, the first form of recorded music was meant for worship. If you have noticed, many religions in the world use music as a form of prayer. This act of worship is an act done by the community, and it is one way of bringing each other ever closer. It is one way you can get both the young and the old together, worship and sing together, and enjoy each other’s moments together.

Music has always been integrated into the way we live. It is part of our survival as a species. However, music has also been integrated into the higher forms of our rational and divine thoughts. It has found its way to the way we worship different deities in the past. It has also found its way to the more modern religion we have today, such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and so many for. We hear music in religious places and even in many homes. Music is one of the highest forms of worship, and it is one of the loudest. One way you can integrate this into your community is by giving everyone a chance to sing for worship.

There are various ways to do this, and it depends on the kind of religion in your community. One way is by creating a committee to handle songs of worship for different religions. This is much easier if everyone has the same faith. It becomes a bit complicated if your community has different religions. Once the committee has been formed, you can then ask for volunteers and who are willing to sing for worship. Anyone can join this particular community. With that being said, you can then start teaching members of your community regarding different songs of their respective religions.


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Teaching music is one of the best ways to bring people together in your community, and it’s not that hard to do.

There might be many in your community who are interested to learn how to read and play music. You can be a guitar teacher and teach them how to play the guitar or other instruments that you know. If you don’t know how to play any instrument or even the fundamentals of music, you can ask others who play a particular instrument in your community. You can even hire someone from a local music store to give lessons every weekend. It doesn’t have to happen very often, but conducting these lessons once a week can bring everyone in the community even closer.

Entertainment and Exercise

Music is also a form of entertainment. People also use it as a way to exercise. So with this in mind, you have many ways of integrating music in bringing people together in your community.

If you know of any local band, give them the chance to perform in front of the community. These bands will certainly thank you for giving them such a chance. Another way is that you can use music to bring people together for exercise. Particular aerobic exercises such as Zumba uses music as a fundamental aspect to make people move and dance. Many of the adults and elderly will certainly join these kinds of exercises.

Music has always been in our hearts as human beings. We can’t survive without it. This is why the community should be given a chance to hear and celebrate the gift of music together.

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