Charity Under Pandemic: Which Charities to Support During COVID-19

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The past year under quarantine has been a trying time for most. Businesses have closed and a lot of people lost their jobs. Some were fortunate enough to find themselves with livelihood during quarantine, but not all; a lot are still trying to find jobs even now, in 2021, and are on the last legs of their income.

Whether it’s social distancing, a sickness unrelated to COVID-19, or adjusting to working from home, it hasn’t been easy. There are people struggling to make an income; as a result, some have tried to reproduce fine art for work, while others have taken to getting whatever jobs might be available on online job sites. There are lean pickings nowadays, but some think having a minimum wage job or one that’s not guaranteed a salary is better than not receiving a salary at all.

While waiting for the world to go back ‘to normal,’ perhaps you’d like to do your part in helping. A lot of people need help during and after the pandemic. Non-profit organizations have answered the call but even they, too, will need help.

Here’s how you can show your support.

Support Organizations That Procure Food

Food is one of the necessities that people have a great need for during the pandemic. It’s one of the reasons why some people went through a great panic when the lockdowns first started. Without food, quarantine and staying-in-place won’t work as much as the authorities think it will, since people will starve.

There is an ongoing effort by Feeding America to help those people without food during COVID-19. They are currently supporting food banks across the country so that those who don’t have easy access to food will get prioritized. This includes children who rely on school meals, so they can eat.

Support Organizations That Combat Diseases

COVID-19 is a disease, but that doesn’t mean other health problems are taking a seat back just because the pandemic is here. There are two organizations that are busy fighting the pandemic and other diseases as well. The World Health Organization is one such group, which is currently spreading awareness and responding to cases of COVID-19 in different countries.

The other organization is Doctors Without Borders, which is currently forwarding aid to countries that are hit hardest by the pandemic. They are also helping to establish stronger infection-fighting measures in countries that already have it, as well as extending further aid to the countries already under its assistance.

Support Organizations That Respond to Emergencies

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Health emergencies aren’t just limited to health problems. There are many other problems found in different health centers and hospitals as well as in the community. These organizations help these medical and wellness centers help people get better.

Aside from that, front liners are also humans. When they get tired or sick, who do they turn to for help? These organizations make it their work to help these health workers get the break they need, so they’ll get to focus more on combating the pandemic and helping people get better.

Support Organizations Through Financial Aid

These organizations thrive despite the one thing in their name that suggests it’s all charity — non-profit. They don’t do it for the income, they do it because they’re genuinely in to help. During the pandemic, they need resources, because, in some areas, it has become too scarce that even they have run out of them.

Groceries, various household items, even pre-loved clothing are a big help for these non-profits. Most of all, if you can spare a little cash to give, know that it will be most appreciated. A lot of these organizations find it difficult — even in normal times — to even give their staff the salaries they deserve.

Support Organizations by Doing Random Acts

These refer to random acts of kindness or things that can be done without shelling out cash or grandiose gestures of goodwill. Even the act of preparing face masks or remotely volunteering with one of their branch organizations is already a big help.

If you can, observe proper protocols while donating in blood banks, or participate in volunteerism while maintaining social distancing. Gestures of goodwill are even grander when you do things and get out of your way, so that those who have little to no chance will get some equal footing, even during this time of COVID-19.

You don’t need to be some magnate of a big corporation or a super-rich tycoon to help these non-profit groups. Even the smallest of efforts, when done with care, trumps the biggest cash donations. Just remember that you’re helping everyone get up and not doing some grandstanding gesture by extending aid and you’re all set to do this.

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