Business 101: Tapping the Digital Marketplace


You don’t need to open an additional shop or expand on existing space to grow your business. Opening your business to the digital marketplace requires very little investment. It can give your brand the visibility it sorely needs and connect you with potential customers/clients from all over the world.

Set Up Your Site

Every serious business needs its own website if it wants to go national or even global. Your own website will provide viewers with the necessary information as well as insights regarding your company and what it offers. An online presence literally makes your company accessible to any person around the globe. The website should reflect your company spirit. It can be as professional or as fun as you want it to be; make sure there’s no disconnect between your products/services and your website.

Setting up a website should be easy. Set your concept, buy a domain name, and hire professionals to build it. If your site deals with massive amounts of data in the future, particularly the contacts of your customers or clients, you might want to set up additional measures to secure your site.

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Harness Social Media

The most successful corporation are opting for digital ads to gain and maintain visibility. Marketing campaigns in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago integrate traditional marketing with digital, sometimes forgoing traditional methods. Brand management has shifted to the digital space, as social media platforms have become the primary venue for exchanging thoughts and ideas. Good reviews and the right endorsements can make a company reach new heights, and negative feedback can send it crashing down.

A good social media campaign will more than increase your brand’s visibility. It can drive more business towards your online stores and raise your company profile around the nation (or the world). Shifting your advertising online also makes more sense. Americans aged 18 to 34 barely watch any television, spending less than 1.8 hours watching each day. On the other hand, the time they spend on their phones exceeds six hours each day. You also have more control over digital ads as certain algorithms can deliver ads to specific demographics.

Set Up Shop

An online store can boost your business more than setting up an additional branch. 80 percent of Americans have made online purchases, and 25 percent shop at least once a month. Online stores are more than just a trend, as they are slowly becoming the primary mode of transactions around the world. In 2019, online sales overtook retail sales, particularly on Black Friday and Christmas. An online store increases your brand’s reach without requiring extra store locations or staffing. Larger corporations will usually integrate their own software into their shops, while small businesses often rely on commerce platforms like Shopify, 3D Cart, or Wix.

The digital marketplace is growing at an incredible pace and is set to overtake traditional channels permanently in the near future. Connect your business to the world and grow your brand by maintaining a strong online presence and launching a few digital ad campaigns.

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