Adding Some Class to Your Customized Giveaways

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Debuts, weddings, and corporate gatherings usually involve giving out souvenirs to guests, so they can have something they can take home that will bring back fond memories of the event. That can take a huge chunk out of your budget, so you want to keep the costs at a reasonable level. That will jump up exponentially since you most likely will be catering to a huge number of people. Good thing there are many affordable deals for you out there since you will be buying in bulk.

On the other hand, you also should be concerned about the overall look of your items. Although you are being conscious about the expenses, that does not mean that you have to cheap out on them. Your souvenir can achieve the balance between being affordable and looking classy with these suggestions.

The Metallic Edge

Precious metals like gold and silver signify elegance, and you can add a touch of it to your gifts in a few ways. If the item can be customized further, add some metallic accents to enhance its looks. This is best for things like wallets or pouches made of leatherette materials. There are companies that have foil stamper machines that are capable of pressing designs at a high volume rate. This will save you time and should be fairly affordable.

Feel free to expand your color selection. You can use metallic versions of primary and secondary colors. If you do not want to do any more modifications to your souvenirs, you can add your accents either on the greeting card or on their packaging.

All About the Packaging

Even the most modest of gifts will look grand if its presentation is thought out well. You may be limited with your budget, but you can make up for that with your creativity. Color choice is important. The visual appeal of a present usually precedes the item inside it, so you better choose a combination that either looks sweet to the eyes or attracts attention.

You also need to choose a container that would be able to hold everything together and yet can still act as a canvass that you can add embellishments to. You cannot go wrong with just picking a regular box, just make sure that it is made of thick cardboard so it can withstand a few bumps along the way.

Bows and laces add a lot of flair to a gift box or bag and also adds a layer of creativity that the recipient would appreciate.


Adding some handcrafted elements to your giveaways will tell people that what they are receiving is a labor of love. They will appreciate the time and effort that you spent making your gifts special. You can try writing quotes or messages on stylish stationery paper. If you have some skill in calligraphy, this would be the perfect time to showcase that to your friends and family.

You can do some handcrafting on the gift items themselves. There are a lot of plain-looking products out there that you can purchase in bulk that you can customize yourself. Things like mugs, tumblers, or drinking glasses can act as your blank slates. Then you can just grab your painting materials and draw your design or art onto them. If you are using plain boxes for packaging, instead of wrapping them with paper, you can also liven them up by painting on them. Even though they are common items, this makes each one of them unique.

Bundling Up

bundled goodies

People like it when they receive a lot of freebies. Since you will be mostly buying your items in bulk, consider getting other products that you can bundle up as your souvenirs. Trinkets like key chains, pens, and coasters are affordable, and they are things that people always find purposes for.

But do not just mix together random stuff, chug them all into a box, and then call it a day. The mix of products that you have to gather should be relevant to the event that is being hosted. A corporate event, for example, should have items that can be used in a workspace. Stuff like pen holders, paperweights, and stress balls would be fit for that.

Giving away souvenirs is a gesture of appreciation from an event host. The small tokens and trinkets that you dole out can be made more special with a little creativity. But all the time and effort that you spent planning and crafting will be worth it because, in return, you will come to the realization that you have made your guests happy and they will have keepsakes for the memories.

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