5 Ways to Make Your Truck More Efficient


The efficiency of a truck fleet has a direct effect on the effectiveness and productivity of the company. This is among the reasons why truck fleet managers should find ways to keep the fleet efficient in its operations.

The following are things that you can do to improve the efficiency of the vehicles in your truck fleet:

Fix the light bars on your truck

The light bars are important because they ensure that the truck is visible during the night. If you want the light bars to be efficient, you might want to try LED light bars. These LED light bars emit better lighting because of its improved light per watt ratio in comparison to incandescent ones.

Plus, they cost way less too. If you want to boost the efficiency of your trucking fleet, you should think about getting LED light bars for your trucks.

Do regular maintenance on the trucks

One of the main reasons why maintenance is an important part of taking care of a trucking fleet is the fact that it maintains the functionality and efficiency of the trucks. The maintenance of these trucks must be done on almost all parts of the vehicle, from the engines to the tires.

You may also want to schedule the times when the oil on the engine is changed as they are crucial in having a decent engine performance. Plus, always clean the truck so it will not look dirty.

Be smart about the fueling schedule


Fuel economy is a few of the indicators that your trucking fleet is being efficient with its performance. You need to schedule the times that you refill the fuel of the trucks during critical moments. For one, you have to refuel if you know that the next gasoline station in your route is still more than a few hundred kilometers out.

The side of the road might leave you without fuel. You might also want to refuel during the morning as gasoline condenses during the night because of the cold temperature.

Upgrade parts, if possible

As the owner or manager of a trucking fleet, you need to admit when your truck really needs to upgrade some of its parts. While it may seem smart to just retain the current setup that you have, you may also want to think about the efficiency that newer parts can provide.

For example, if the exhaust system of your truck does not have an ideal performance and becomes rusty, they should already be replaced. You might also want to upgrade the tires if needed.

Make sure the truck gets some rest, too

Trucks are just like humans so they need to be able to rest once in a while too. It is not going to be productive for trucks to continually run for more than a few days so resting for even just a few hours will help. If the truck is stuck in traffic, you might want to turn the vehicle off.

Truck drivers may also want to avoid drive-through windows. Just go inside the store instead.

Improved light bars and regular maintenance schedules is a good strategy to practice fleet efficiency. This can result in better outputs and more profit for the trucking company.

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