4 Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle from Thieves

black motorcycle

Motorcycles are great alternatives to bigger vehicles. It can bring you to places faster, too. There are just times when riding a motorcycle can result in accidents, which can also happen when you ride any type of vehicle for that matter. In those cases, hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer from your location in Denver is needed.

Meanwhile, a motorcycle is prone to be stolen but there are some things you can do to protect it. To keep your motorcycle safe, do these things:

Hide Your Motorcycle

Of course, you’re proud of your ride, but keep it concealed in a safe place when not in use. It’s common for motorcycle thieves to drive around looking for bikes they can steal. Give them a hard time so they miss your bike. Make an effort to disguise your motorcycle. When you put it in the same place every day, chances are, everyone already knows what it is. You can avoid that by parking it in different places whenever you can.

Cover your bike so that when thieves pass by, they’ll have a hard time figuring out if it’s worth the risk to steal. Aside from that, you can try parking your bike in a different location. This way, other people won’t know the exact spot you’re parking your bike next. Park in places where there is strict security to good lighting. This can lower the chance of theft.

Put Locks

Use motorcycle locks, as they can prevent the bike from rolling. It’s also easy to transport disk locks whenever you’re riding. Make sure you get a disc lock with an alarm because if you’re not using other kinds of lock, the wheel will be easier to remove. The alarm is for alerting you and other people of what’s happening.

Another kind of lock you can use is a chain. Using a chain is effective if you lock it onto an immovable object, like a post. You can either find an immovable object or attach your chain to someone else’s chain for better security. If you do this, both your bikes will be more secure. Choose chains that aren’t susceptible to chemical attacks. Find bigger chains because those are stronger. Also, find chains with materials like carbon, manganese, and boron.


When parking your motorcycle in your garage, see to it that the door locks are working perfectly. You can also add a motion sensor light to keep your garage well protected. Also, locks that are attached to concrete can protect your motorcycle better. Additionally, if you have windows in the garage, make sure you put bars on them.

Don’t Leave the Keys

parked motorcyclesYou may be tempted to leave your motorcycle’s keys if it will only take a while to get something. If you are, you might want to think again. You may only be leaving your motorcycle for a few minutes, but that is all it will take for thieves to take your bike. Always remove your keys and lock your steering wheel at all times.

Your beloved motorcycle will be safe when you practice these safety tips. Don’t let the thieves steal your most prized possession. Use the right tools to keep your bike safe and always follow the tips to hide it from thieves.

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