Understanding Differences in Fall Protection Equipment

When it comes to construction sites and safety, one aspect stands out from the rest; protection from falling. There are two main differences in fall protection equipment. As described in the video, one method may be more effective than the other. When working with fall restraint systems, a worker is restricted to a specific distance, and won’t go over the edge.

Video Source

Alternatively, a fall arrest system will extend over the edge. The worker may fall over the edge and require an arresting mechanism to avoid hitting a hazard, or the ground.

A fall restraint system is easier to set up because it won’t hold much weight. A fall arrest system needs extra training and anchor strength if the body topples over the edge. What’s more, a fall restraint system may anchor only 3000 pounds while an arrest system may be capable of up to 5000 pounds. This is equal to a 2:1 safety factor. It is, thus, crucial to use the right equipment to avoid hazardous situations that may arise in construction. The better option is clearly the fall arrest anchor, while restraining may keep one off the edge, and requires less training and equipment. It is clear that safety should come first, hence a fall restraint system is in order.


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