Three Tech Upgrades to Drive Your Car Like New

Car dashboard

Throwback to the time when you got your car, the current ride you have now. What are the emotions that you felt then at that point? Don’t rush just take your time to reminisce about how great you felt at that time. It’s highly likely you’d feel that rush of excitement and elation boiling up. The thought alone of being able to cruise town with the ride elicits all the joy that you can think about. But after some time, such excitement wears off. Now, all you see is a car that has hundreds of miles logged and an image that’s a far cry when you first rode it.

To a certain degree, old cars can be a downer. Perhaps another reason why dealers are so successful marketing new models every now and then. But relax. You’re not alone. ; A recent study showed that more than half of men and women would love to change their cars as often as they change their phones. Worse, Generation Y youth would rather ditch their car to get a smartphone. Well, don’t fret. And don’t sell your car just yet. A timely tweak could get your ride running like new, and up your driving experience like no other.

1.Get a new automotive head unit instead

One way to spice things up a bit when it comes to your car is changing the automotive head unit of your car. Many people tend to pay little or no attention to this part knowing the car can still function even without it. What you fail to realize is that you are missing out on a lot if you don’t have a good one. The “infotainment” system of your car should be right on point.

A bit lost here? Let’s make it simpler then. The head unit is part of the stereo of your car. Certainly, car audio is the lifeblood of your driving experience. A good stereo should feel like a walk in the park. It’s relaxing.

Indeed, there are lots of options out there when it comes to this part of your car. The thing to remember these days is internet connectivity. With a good one, you can get more than one USB inputs and savvy touchscreen controls. Make sure you get Bluetooth and wifi-connectivity too. It’s essential. If your head unit can’t connect to the internet, then you’re looking at a long and winding road of boredom ahead.

What’s the point of all these? Well, good car audio will allow you to enjoy a live concert in the comfort of your car. No kidding.

Think about it. You get to connect your phone and play some really good music without any hassle. Considering you opt for touchscreen controls, this will just make every single thing better. With a single touch, you can get your fave musical band going without fail.

2. Install a rearview camera and parking sensors.

Well, if there’s one experience that can cause you nightmares, parking your car could be top of that list. Not only do you have to navigate to a small space, but you also need to check if there was one available.

Many people share this frustration. Spending a lot of time trying to fit can be nerve-wracking. It’s even worse when you have to do reverse parking. It’s definitely a challenge.

Good thing parking sensors and rearview cameras can come to your rescue. For all the goodies they bring, these gadgets are the game-changer when parking.

Think of parking sensors as your personal assistant telling you that you’re about to bump a nearby object. It’s surely can be a big lift when your car is bigger than usual and parking spaces are tight. For best results install a front and rear end sensor.

The good news is that these tools are affordable. `Of course, that all depends on the brand you’re buying. But you can be sure that the price is not going to break the bank. You will definitely need a guide to get good ones.

3. Up your head-up display


Lastly, one of the most interesting parts of a car that has evolved over time is the navigation system. There is nothing like a navigation system in place inside your car. Try doing Waze without it.

Head-up displays are life-savers in the literal sense of the word. With one installed, you don’t have to keep looking in your phone for proper direction while driving.

To note, there are people that have gotten into accidents for checking their phones while driving. Just imagine that in Europe about 80% of traffic accidents are caused by phones.

Such distractive driving can totally be avoided with a head-up display on board. And the good thing is that it shows the rate of speed, road signs ahead, and even when to possibly take turns. It’s like your personal tour guide but better. For one, it doesn’t complain ever.

Driving your car need not be a boring experience. With a little tweak, you should be able to get to your destination in all smiles. For sure, it’s an experience you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

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