Overcome that Afternoon Slump with Online Courses


Boredom. We all experience it.

Whether it be from the lack of anything important to do or the choices on your plate not offering anything fun, we dread and try our best to avoid it.

What’s worse is when we do fall victim to insufferable boredom, it is one of the most challenging places to leave. Not only that, but its negative impacts extend past yourself and affect those around you. Creating an environment that further fosters tiredness, exhibits fatigue, and is an overall downer.

So, how exactly can you escape from this endless pit of pseudo-exhaustion? Or are we just all cursed and forced to survive through a mid-day crash?

We know one very effective method of dispelling all your boredom and bringing you back on track. It’s nothing new, nor is it rocket science, but it is an anti-boredom method that people brush off and wrongly assume to be useless.

And this technique we’ve been building up is none other than engaging in online courses.

Won’t That Make Me More Bored?

Now, before you sign off and brandish this article as another online course shill, understand that we are in the era of online learning.

One big misconception the majority of people make is thinking online courses are just virtual versions of traditional face-to-face lecture heavy education. Often, so many are quick to assume that these are just the same lessons now uploaded online, but that is far from reality.

Online courses and programs are more interactive than ever before, can be accessed from anywhere, and offer a vast selection of skills to learn and subjects to explore. On top of that, the best part about them is these courses are entirely flexible, meaning you can go at your own pace and make progress no matter how long it takes.

So we advise you to think again. If learning something new is hugely satisfying, then won’t online courses grant you the same level of excitement from the comfort of your own home?

What if I Don’t Find Studying as Exciting?

If that’s the case, then all the more reason to give online courses a chance. That’s because online courses aren’t limited to academic subjects alone, but instead, provide you with a deep dive into any skill, talent, or subject matter of your choosing.

Whether you decide to step out of your comfort zone to try something you’ve never done or an online course that will compliment your career, we suggest that you give everything a shot:

  • Try Graphic Design: If you want to advance your artistic superpowers or maybe even learn how to, then graphic design is perfect for beating out boredom. It will help improve your creativity, let you express yourself, and also might find a knack for it!
  • Improve Your Cooking: From learning the best recipes around the world to building on your fundamentals, you can never go wrong with improving your cooking. Not only will you learn to become a chef, but you also get the reward of eating delicious dishes.
  • Dabble in Some Code: Programming is everywhere today, and learning even just a tiny bit will go a long way to help you understand how most software and websites function. Plus, if you’re good at it, you can try a hand at making your own apps and games.
    • Get to Writing: Creating our own stories or starting blogs is always a healthy and exciting endeavor. From the basics of search engine optimization to perfecting your creative writing skills, you’ll find countless hours of fun!
  • Public Speaking and Communication: We talk every day of our lives, and starting up meaningful conversations is the foundation of everything worthwhile. Whether to improve your skill at business reporting or help get your point across to a group of people. Taking your public speaking and communication skills up a notch is sure to keep you busy.

woman using her laptopThese are but the tip of the iceberg of online courses you can start taking now, and they can get even more specific and intricate the more you learn. However, if academic subjects are your thing, then no need to shy away because there are plenty to go around as well!

Take the Leap of Faith

Regardless of how fun and exciting online courses sound, there’s just one caveat in this entire plan. And for any of these beautiful things to happen, it must start with you. While there are vast bodies of knowledge and skills untapped waiting out there, you must first get your foot out of the door and take action.

The choice is yours, would you rather spend the afternoon on your couch, or have some fun?

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