How Your Storefront Boosts Sales


A sales slump is typical for any retailer. It can happen for any number of reasons, from inaccessibility to your store, by way of road works, to a change in preferences in your customer base. But you shouldn’t let it discourage you. No matter the reason, this lackluster performance doesn’t have to be permanent. While some factors are out of your control, there are several ways to boost your sales if you’re just having a slow couple of days or weeks.

Find out how you can improve business performance with your storefront alone.

Take It Outside

It can be challenging to grab shoppers’ attention when they don’t even want to go to your store. A sidewalk sale is an effective marketing tactic that retailers have used for decades. By keeping a table or two of merchandise outside, passersby can easily see your products, and they are more inclined to stop and browse. With the right salesperson manning the tables, they might even be encouraged to enter your store.

Make a Memorable Display

Your window display plays a vital role in attracting passerby into your store. A well-designed display can catch their attention and encourage them to enter the store. Additionally, this is an effective way to advertise your products. Potential customers can immediately see the on-sale items or newly released items through your window display.

Outfit Your Parkway

If your store has a parkway, use it to boost advertising. Put up wicket signs that advertise sales, exclusive promos, new items, or just your store in general. Additionally, if your parkway has some greenery, consider hiring commercial landscaping services to make it look neater and more inviting. Regularly trimmed grass and a couple of flower beds can improve your storefront’s aesthetic appeal.


Update Your Sign

Older retailers make the mistake of keeping their sign the way it is since the store opened. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can prevent potential customers from noticing your store. This is especially true if the sign has suffered from years of wear and tear. Updating your store sign, whether it’s by repainting it or reinventing the design, is an effective way to catch shoppers’ attention.

Connect with Customers

If you have the manpower for it, consider assigning a sales associate outside of your store. Have them hand out flyers or samples to passersby. Much like with a sidewalk sale, this can help boost awareness for your store. Additionally, a friendly face encourages customers to ask about products, which can drive them to enter the store. Just make sure that your sales associate doesn’t come off as too aggressive; otherwise, they might end up scaring potential customers away.

No store will have incredible sales numbers throughout the year. But a slump in sales doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a business owner. Most of the time, shoppers just need a little more motivation to enter your store. Consider trying out some of the tips listed below to see if they can effectively boost your sales.

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