How You Can Restore Customer Loyalty During the Pandemic

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So you’ve finally reopened. Posters reminding people of health protocols inside your shop are in place, and sanitation equipment is installed in high traffic areas. Your website, too, is fully functional and ready to give customers a seamless shopping experience. The only problem is that they’re not coming in hordes (while still practicing social distancing) like you expect them to. The pre-pandemic sales you once enjoyed are now a distant memory, and you’re not sure how to reach out to previous patrons without coming off as desperate.

If you want to set the momentum going again for your business, your priority should be reviving your customer engagement. This specific business area can be tricky during the pandemic, but with the right strategy, you can easily increase traffic and convert them into sales in no time.

Invest in Your Online Platforms

Now is the time to review your touchpoints and address issues that hinder customers from going beyond liking your posts. Some of these include failing to maximize social media features that make it easier for them to access your account, go to your website, or reserve an item. You must also review the efficiency of your spiels and customer service. How long does it take for you to respond to comments, DMs, and emails? What does your choice of words (and perhaps emoji) say about you? What’s your dispute resolution plan?

Now is also the time to get a community website builder to give your patrons and prospective clients a safe and convenient space to converse. This also brings you a notch closer to them and helps you achieve transparency, which is crucial for today’s brand. You can have discussions about their worries during the pandemic and how you can alleviate them whenever they make a purchase. It also a great opportunity to show them how responsive, reliable, and thoughtful you are about their needs. These online communities can even make them feel like they’re part of your brand’s creation and growth, and this sense of ownership not only engages but also encourages loyalty.

Come up with the Right Incentives

Nothing quite motivates people into a conversation as incentives do. You have to bear in mind that the pandemic impacted consumers just as badly or even worse than it did businesses. Think derailed careers, compromised health, lack of job security, and even loss of financial freedom. Taking these into account will give you an idea of what kind of incentives and discounts will attract them.

If you’re uncertain as to how to go about it, do market research. Examine the strategies used by your competitors and other relevant industries. Most importantly, go slow and master it at your own pace.

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Establish Brand Consistency

Whatever you do, make sure not to break your customer’s trust. You can do this by being consistent with your brand and everything it entails, including maintaining the quality of products and services. You don’t want to get them back on board, only to bombard them with disappointment after disappointment. Consistency will give a sense of stability to your brand-consumer relationship and help them become more invested in it in the long run. Once you have this bond, the likelihood of them switching to your competitors grows smaller.

Another way you can achieve this is by giving a premium to your patrons. Grant them privileges and better access to incentives and discounts. Offer new and limited products to them first and find ways to involve them in your marketing strategy. This is your way of expressing your trust in them, and they will surely appreciate it.

Stay Updated on Their Needs

You have to be on the lookout for any changes in your target consumers’ behavior. What trends appeal to them, and which hypes are they participating in? Expect that their priorities will continue to make sudden shifts throughout the pandemic. The evolving situation places varying strains on everybody, and getting in touch with those of your audience will put you in an advantageous position.

Don’t rely on guesswork. Use your online community and tools like surveys to know exactly how they’re faring and what you can do to help.

You want them to think exactly that, too. You’re helping them make the right purchases for a specific need and your promise that it will come with little to no regrets.

It’s Not Rocket Science

With the right people on your team using the right tools, rebuilding customer loyalty should not be as complex as it sounds. Do your research, and don’t be afraid to be transparent to your consumers. Humanizing your brand is a good thing, and it helps them reconnect with you and establish trust.

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