How Member Engagement in Your Organization Can Continue During Pandemic

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Funding is everything for a business or organization during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the source of things they’re to use for distributing food. It’s also where businesses will source the salary for their employees who are lucky to find themselves with work.

In the case of non-profit organizations, the pandemic has made challenges to organizations an exacerbation they could live without. Money for web design services can still be sourced, but that came from members of the organization which they needed to report too frequently. Identifying sources of funding and using technology have become key to finding new members to which they could show their services.

Many organizations were forced to bid goodbye to their services, but some managed to survive. Here’s what they did in order to hurdle the challenges they faced during the early days of the pandemic.

Outreach was kept Relevant and Timely

One of the key elements for keeping stakeholders interested is to keep outreach communications active in a relevant and timely manner as well. For the pandemic, this meant that the advice should be adapted to the current situation. Information should be remade to mirror advice for COVID-19 if need be.

It is important to choose the proper information or resources you could share with your stakeholders. It also needs to be valuable to them given the current climate. The proper materials need to be relevant and the delivery times, simply put, to keep the interests of the stakeholders and all concerned safe and secure.

Constant Communication is Important

It could be very hard to keep communication during a pandemic. Some members prefer going to the offices themselves, but that may not be possible, with all the shelter in place instructions. What non-profits could do is adjust to the situation. That’s where technology comes in the form of messaging apps and programs designed to help you communicate through the Web.

A good way of sending communication is to distribute it in an easily read format. PDFs are a good way of sending the latest happenings within your organization to members. You can choose this instead of going to an app or downloading a program if you want to.

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Delivering Needed Services to The People

Non-profits also attract new members to the cause by showing that they’re relevant, communicative and that they truly care for the people they serve. One way of doing this is to adapt to the times. Telecommuting isn’t just for the members; it’s for the people you serve as well. Consider using telehealth services, which enables doctors to check up on their patients without contact.

This method of consultation has been around for ages, but it’s only during the pandemic that it managed to come front and center. With this, you’ll be able to continue a core service that non-profits need. It’s a good adjustment to the pandemic.

Assure Members They’re Understood

Sometimes, non-profit organizations fall off the grid in terms of checking their investors because they’re under uncertain situations as well. It cannot be helped; in this time of the pandemic, everyone is suffering whether in silence or not. Being a non-profit organization during this time might be tough but you need to push through.

Empathize with your members by sending assurances that you’re still performing work and using their investments the way they’re meant to be used. Be sensitive enough to also let them know how you’re using their money. Transparency will go a long way during this time when people cannot be physically present.

Ask for Donations Only When Needed

Granted, everyone is asking for donations these days. The pandemic has that effect where money seems to be a much-needed resource right now. Non-profits also need these to operate but remember to be charitable to both members and the people you’re helping, and only ask for enough money.

When you do receive these donations, you should also be transparent enough to show them you’re only using them as needed. Be truly caring in your actions and words to your members and the people you’re helping, and you’ll go a long way in attracting more members and organizations to your cause.

A pandemic is an unprecedented event that even the biggest non-profit organizations have a hard time coping with. If you’re a small non-profit trying to do your part, follow these tips. It’ll go a long way toward assuring your investors that they’re also extending a helping hand through you. Who knows, it could also become a model of your help even after the pandemic.

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