Five Essential Tips on Dressing Up Properly for the Workplace

Unfortunately, we are judged based on how good or lazy we look. If you dress up in a shirt, jeans, and uncombed hair to work, what will your boss think of you? He won’t probably judge your merits based on how lousy your dress is, but his view of you will be subconsciously affected.

Dressing properly for the workplace has one fundamental rule: Know the dress code. If you are working in construction or mining, then you need to get work pants in New Zealand or in the city you are in. If you are working in an office setting, maybe more formal clothing is needed, such as a work dress or a combo of pants and a suit.

Make Sure Your Clothes Are Fit

Find a good tailor who can produce quality clothes for you that will suit you to a T. If there’s anything that looks lousier than pants and an oversized T-shirt, its ill-fitting clothes—whether it’s a dress that’s too small or too large or pants that snug too much on your bottom. Hiring managers are even distracted if the potential employee they are interviewing is not wearing properly fitting clothes.

Dry Your Hair

Aren’t everyone a victim once in their lives of leaving the house with their hair dripping wet? Take time to dry your hair. That means waking up early, showering, and having enough time to make sure that you can towel-dry, blower, or fan-dry your hair. This also applies to men. If you wake up late, how about using dry shampoo instead of wetting your hair? That makes a lot of sense.

Clean Your Bag

woman with floral dress and a handbag

Women, in particular, are guilty of having messy bags. But the trick is this: Make sure that you have a zippered bag, and clean the exterior regularly. If your bag looks clean from the outside, people will automatically assume that it’s organized inside—even if it is not. Also, if you’re working in a professional setting, try not to carry a knapsack because it looks too collegiate.

Wear Polished Shoes

Now, this is for men in particular. You are all guilty of not polishing your shoes, and you even think that looks cool? No! It looks dirty. Make it a point to polish your shoes before leaving the house. That goes for your sneakers, too. Wearing dirty white sneakers will never make you look cool, especially if you’re in a professional setting.

Avoid Flashy Colours

Both men and women need to stay clear of bright neon colours because they are too flashy and distracting. When people wear flashy colours, it is the visual equivalent of seeking attention. Honestly, when you’re working, you want to look as professional as possible, and not like you’re going to a rave party afterwards.

Wearing the proper clothing will make you look professional. People will get intimidated across negotiating tables, and your bosses will appreciate the effort you put into your image. You will look more authoritative and decisive. Every professional should aim for that look.

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