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IMAGE EVENTS Leave No Child Unrecruited [flash, audio]
Event: National Day of Protest, San Diego, October 25, 2003
  Signs and Sounds [flash, audio]
Event: 2002-2003 Peace Movement, San Diego
  09.11 Memorial [photos]
Bill Keokoski

Event: 9-11 memorial sculpture, Ithaca NY
  Know Justice
     Dana Montlack [2 images]
     Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez Vidal [5 images]
     Alejandro Espinoza [7 images]
Event: Palestinian peace march, Westwood area of Los Angeles, April 2002
  Half Time
     Michael Basinski [3 images]
     Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez Vidal [5 images]
Event: "E-Trade Halftime Show," Superbowl, January 2001
  Millennial Malling
     Alejandro Espinoza [6 images]
     Jim Andrews [shockwave monologue]
     Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez Vidal [5 images]
Event: "Black Friday," Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, November 2000

     Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez Vidal [9 images]
     Reiner Strasser [flash]
     Jennifer Ley [html]
Event: Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles, August 2000

  Galería Fronteriza / Border Art [photos & flier]
Event: Public art exhibit, Mexicali, Baja-California, Mexico, June 23, 2001
  Sign Poems [photos]
Heriberto Yépez
Event: Public sign installation, Tijuana, Baja-California, Mexico, 2000
Francis Raven
  Mumbo Jumbo
Ricardo Guthrie
  Sonnets {selections}
Jerrold Shiroma
  Drag {selections}
Stephen Mead
  16 Walls
Nico Vassilakis
  FACES by Miki

Los Demonios de la Casa Mayor
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
[CD sampler (shockwave)]

  Four Visual Poems
Spencer Selby
  Eileen's Blue Hair
Michael Basinski
  The Bagua Map
Dana Montlack & Bill Marsh

Boxtops for Education [pdf]
Octavia Davis & Bill Marsh


The Dumping Down of America [pdf]
Octavia Davis & Bill Marsh


Lunch Money in the Wrong Pockets (Cattlemen on the Hill) [pdf]
Octavia Davis & Bill Marsh

  Dispepsi America [flash]
Octavia Davis & Bill Marsh